Release Comrades ‪‎Ajithan‬, Dileep‬ and ‪‎Sabu‬ Immediately and Unconditionally!-DSU


Expose the fallacy called Indian ‘Democracy’…
Release Comrades ‪‎Ajithan‬, Dileep‬ and ‪‎Sabu‬ Immediately and Unconditionally!
Repeal UAPA and other draconian laws!


As a part of ongoing crackdown on peoples’ movements and attack on the democratic right activists, the largest ‘democracy’ of the world has caged three activists in Kerala to curb and criminalize the voice of dissent and to silence them by law. On 3rd May 2016, Comrade Sabu was picked up by the Kerala Police from Hind Bazar area near corporation office, Thrissur with posters and pamphlets of the organization called ‘Porattam’, which has called for boycotting ongoing assembly election in Kerala. On the same day, Comrade Ajithan of the same organization and Comrade Dileep of ‘Padantharam’ were arrested from Padantharam Student’s Magazine office, during a planning meeting against brutal rape and murder of Dalit student, Jisha. All three of them are charged under UAPA for their supposed link/sympathy with ‘Maoists’.

This is not the first time or an isolated incident. The Kerala government has been witch hunting and hounding people’s activists, intellectuals and civil liberty activists for quite some time. Activists who raise their voices against anti-people measures of the government, challenge brutal repressions and attack on people by the state or organize masses to fight for their rights are branded as ‘Maoists’, to make them easy target of the state repression and slapped with draconian laws or killed.

In 2015, two well known activists from Kerala, Jaison Cooper and Thushar Nirmal Sarathy, the secretary of CRPP were arrested on same charges and were released by the court recently. Three years back, activists Roopesh and Shiney were hounded and harassed in the same manner. There are several other instances where the infamous Kerala police had arbitrarily picked up activists, artists, lawyers without any evidence, under the blueprint of the Central government to ‘wipe out Maoists’ from Western Ghats and AP, Kerala and Tamil Nadu borders. The way state and its institutions work with absolute impunity in witch-hunting activists and unleash brutal attack on people has become a ‘culture’over decades. Even in Delhi, Professor G.N Saibaba who played a pivotal role in mobilizing opinion against Operation Green Hunt, was kidnapped by Maharashtra police from Delhi University area and kept in ‘anda cell’ in Nagpur before he was released last month.

‘Porattam’ has given a call to boycott the ensuing assembly election in Kerala, unveiled the fallacy of the so called ‘Democratic system’ in India and the various oppressive measures. It is the right of the people to reject elections as much as it is the right of the individuals to take part in it. The unjust arrest of Comrades Dileep, Ajithan and Sabu for campaigning against the fallacies of electoral system, unmask the ludicrous promises of Democracy. To mention here, according to a judgment by Kerala High Court, given on 22nd May, 2015, no one can be arrested for being a ‘Maoist’ by ideology.

DSU condemns the arbitrary arrest and kidnapping of people’s activists who are foot soldier against State sponsored violence on Dalits, Minorities, Exploited Classes and Oppressed Nationalities or challenge the anti-people policies of the State.

DSU demands immediate and unconditional release of Comrades Ajithan, Dileep and Sabu and all other political prisoners, languishing in jails across the country, for years.

DSU also demands to repeal UAPA and other draconian anti-people laws.

DSU will start an intense campaign for the release of Comrades Ajithan, Dileep and Sabu across Delhi.

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