Peoples’ United Revolution Movement eliminates four fascist police in Giresun


Peoples’ United Revolution Movement (HBDH) Joint Command claimed responsibility for the action against the Gendarme Base in Giresun’s Çaldağ region. In its statement, HBDH said that its action commemorated May, the month of revolutionary martyrs such as Mahir, Hüseyin, İbrahim, Haki and Kemal comrades, and described its action as a response to the crimes the Turkish state carries out in Sur, Cizre, Nusaybin, Gever and Şırnak. HBDH dedicated its action to fallen revolutionaries Deniz Gezmiş and Azad Siser.

HBDH stated that its members carried out an action against the Gendarme Base in Giresun’s Çaldağ region around 16:30 on May 6. HBDH said that the target of the action was the Base Commander, who got critically wounded during the action and later died at a hospital. HBDH noted that 3 other gendarmes died during the action, and emphasized that it would carry out more similar actions against state forces that implement fascist policies on civilians. Lastly, the HBDH called upon the youth in Turkey to join the movement and enhance the struggle against fascism.

Via ANF News

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