Jim Power Killed in Action on 7 May 1981


Staff officer- Irish National Liberation Army

Killed in action on May 7th 1981.

Brother of Ta Power, Jim was one of only two republicans to die in action during the hunger strikes — Jim was killed while defusing a bomb….

Speaking of his brother, Ta Power said:

“He was born under a regime of repression and died fighting for liberty. In the words of George Jackson, on the death of his own brother: ‘I want people to wonder at the forces which created him, terrible, calm man-child, courage in one hand, the machine gun in the other, scourge of the unrighteous, an ox for the people to ride!'”

Born on 25 March 1960 in the Markets, he joined the Official Irish Republican Army’s youth wing at the age of eleven, acting as a scout and checking empty buildings for British undercover units. He joined the INLA in 1975.

His brother Thomas, also an INLA staff officer, was the IRSM’s leading theoretician when he was assassinated by the counter-revolutionary Irish People’s Liberation Organisation in 1987. Their mother Margaret was known for recording the song “Joe McCann” in tribute to the well known Official IRA activist assassinated by the British Army in 1972. A memorial to Power and other comrades was unveiled in the Markets area of South Belfast on 11 May 2003.

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