International Week of Action in Chile and Ecuador



Under the slogans “Stop Operation Green Hunt!”, “Stop aerial attacks and war on people!” we joined the International week with these actions.
In the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, UMCE was held a meeting in which we discussed about this struggle and its advances. We spoke about the conditions of India, imperialist oppression and how the people organized under the leadership of the revolutionaries (Naxalites) of the Communist Party of India (Maoist).
At the Catholic University, a stronghold of compradors and landlords classe, democratic students spread information about this to the people and and a call to the event.
In Rancagua, Manque Radio, a community and libertarian radio realized a special program to inform about the situation in India, explaining how people dismissed all electoral illusions and joined the People’s War.
In addition a brochure by Indian professor Dr. Amit Bhattacharya in Jadavpur University based on his writing: India, Imperialist Domination and Revolution, was circulated. The latter exposes with scientific rigor the characteristics of domination and how the People’s War empower a model of genuine development for the Indian people.



apoyar la guerra popular en la india fdlp-ec 3

apoyar la guerra popular en la india fdlp-ec 4

apoyar la guerra popular en la india fdlp-ec  1

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