Austria: Report of the activities during the international week of action from 2. – 9. april 2016:

Unconditional freedom for all political prisoners in India! Solidarity with all political prisoners in the world!
Stop Operation Green Hunt! Stop the war an aerial attacks on the people!
Support the people’s war in India!

Under the call of the International committee to support people’s war in India, we, Revolutionary Construction, participated in the international week of action. As an organisation with proletarian internationalist basis it is very important for us to connect our struggle in an imperialist country with the stuggles in oppressed countries, and to see them as an driving force for our own political work! Also austrian imperialism is involved in the oppression and exploitation, as well as in the support of counter-revolution, of the people in India. With posters, sprays, events and meetings wo popularized the demands of international commitee and we tried to spread the great stuggle of the indian masses, and its highest expression, the people’s war. Connected with theoretical debates of an important writing of Mao Zedong, we marked an important point in the campagne, the universal importance of people’s war, to also raise the consiousness of the progressive forces in austria.
Below we give an overview over the activities in Austria, in different federal districts.


In Vienna we organized a meeting „Support people’s war in India“. With presentations and pictures we showed the current situation of the political prisoners as well as the situation and the advances of people’s war in India. In the following discussion we focussed as main points on the role of the CPI(maoist) in people’s war as well as on the reactionary support of austrian imperialism in the suppression of the people in India. For example: Raiffeisen-bank has big microcredit activities among the poor peasants in India, and so it is directly responsible for the suicide of tens of thousands of peasants as an result of the exploitation through microcredits. We managed it to mobilize new interested people which took part on the meeting, which we will also include in our ongoing activities. Furtermore we spread the claims of the action week with sprays in the proletarian districs of vienna.


With many posters and wall-paintings we popularized the demands of the international week of action in Linz. Also we organized an information evening on the currant situation of the political prisoners and the people’s war in India. A good step of the campain was that we mobilized new forces, which is a good basis for futher activities of solidarity.


In Innsbruck we organized an meeting of solidarity on the fighting masses and the people’s war in India. We discussed about the current fight for freedom for the political prisoners in India an about the people’s war. With propaganda actions we spread the demands of the international week of action, including sprays and posters.


With the posters of the international week of action we supported the struggle of the people in India, and we showed solidarity with the people’s war in India.

Via Revolutionäre Aufbau

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