YPS: Our resistance against state forces continues


The General Coordination of Civilian Defense Units (YPS) stated that its members’ resistance against the forces of AKP continues.


YPS General Coordination announced that its forces carried out an action against an armored earth digger with rocket launchers near the Ahmet Kaya bridge on April 10, as a result of which 2 special operations police officers died and the digger was destroyed. YPS stated that its forces destroyed another digger and 2 more officers died in the same location on April 11.

According to the statement, 1 special operations police officer died during the clashes between YPS and state forces in Koçer neighborhood at 12:00 on April 11. The General Coordination added that state forces continue to attack and bombard the neighborhoods under the control of self-defense forces.


YPS General Coordination described its resistance as the most significant political development of 2016, and the brave children of Kurdish people were putting up heroic resistance across the districts of Kurdistan including Silopi. YPS noted that Kurdish youth would continue to carry out self-defense against its brutal and oppressive enemy in every city and neighborhood of Kurdistan. YPS announced that its members Hebun and Çavreş resisted state forces with the belief that it is a fundamental right for Kurdish people to live free, equal, peaceful and just lives in autonomous areas, and their martyrdom has fueled their yearning for revenge and invincible power to resist.

Below is the ID information of the 2 YPS members who fell as martyrs in Silopi on April 7:

Hebun Cudi / Besna Tındık / Mother: Hacer / Father: Sait / Silopi

Çavreş Mem / İslam Aras / Mother: Ayşe / Father: Zülfü / Silopi

Via ANF News

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