Revolutionary Labor Movement protests terrorist attack of Awami League





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Today April 8th, Awami League [ruling government party] terrorists carried out a sudden attack on a ongoing demonstration of the Revolutionary Labor Movement (RLM) and dispersed the demonstration without any prior notice. They also tried to attack an activist of the RLM but failed due to a quick response by the general public.

RLM called a demonstration at 5pm to protest the recent armed attack by the government upon common farmers, causing the death of eight people including one pregnant woman.

After a procession they began the demonstration.

The people of Bashkali stand against the fake development activities of the government, which is destroying fertile land in order to build a electric power plant. The fascist government with the help of the murderer police force, fired on their demonstration killing eight and wounding more then one hundred people. In the name of development the government is continually destroying our agriculture.

They have already destroyed the backbone of agriculture and made our farmers helpless.

The ruling Awami Government have already proved they are anti-people. The leaders of RLM have asserted that the government cannot suppress the common people by attacking the RLM. The Revolutionary Labor Movement will continue their struggle against the fascist government to establish the power of the revolutionary masses.

RLM will continue its struggle for a new democratic society on the basis of MLM by dismantling the current murderous state and will continue it through socialism up until communism.

Press Officer
Comrade Faisal Mahmud

Revolutionary Labor Movement (Bangladesh)

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