First HPC-JIN battalion formed in Cizirê Canton








In Hesekê city in Cizirê Canton, first HPJ-Jin (Hêzên Parastina Cewheri) battalion formed in line with self-defense activity under the name of Martyr Arjin.

A ceremony was held for the HPC-Jin formed in Cizirê Canton. In the ceremony it was stated that the paradigm of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan was the foundation and it was pointed out that “the HPC-JIN battalion is the revolutionary people’s war put into practice. This battalion is the continuation of the YPJ.”

The announcement ceremony of the battalion was attended by hundreds of people, among them HPC general Commander Berivan Mustafa, Şervin Hesekê in the name of Kongre Star, Yusra İlyas in the name of Tev-Dem and representatives from all institutions in the city.


Mustafa, speaking after the military ceremony, said, “We dedicate the HPC-JIN battalion announced on April 4 to Leader Apo and all our people. We have built this battalion with Leader Apo’s Democratic Nation paradigm as the foundation. We have approached the HPC within the framework of Leader Apo’s principles of revolutionary people’s war and self-defense. This is why we will expand and improve our battalions. Leader Apo says all living beings have to defend themselves. We will defend our people and the emancipation of women to the end with our battalions. Some may say we already have YPG-YPJ and question the need for these battalions. But there is the reality of war. The people have to defend themselves against all kinds of attacks at all times.”

Speaking in the name of Kongre Star, Hesekê said, “HPC-JIN battalion is the revolutionary people’s war put to practice. This battalion is the continuation of YPJ. This is why, us women will defend ourselves and further the emancipation of the society.”

Speaking in the name of Tev-Dem, İlyas said, “We as Tev-Dem celebrate this battalion for all our people. There was a time when the Kurdish women were called ignorant and fearful. Here we have all women organising and defending themselves with the Kurdish women in the lead. This is made possible by our comrades in the frontlines. Their efforts can not be forgotten. This is why we have to protect and improve these institutions established with great effort to the end.”

The battalion is comprised of 34 fighters, 8 of whom are Arab.

The ceremony ended after the staging of a play with the theme of violence against women.

Via ANF News

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