Lets celebrate the Day of the Young Combatant!







Unofficial extracted translation by Signalfire

from 2013 issue of El Pueblo

On March 29, 1985, Eduardo and Rafael Vergara Toledo brothers were killed by the cops in a fake encounter. This reactionary crime caused great indignation among the masses who fought to oust Pinochet and his fascist military junta…

Today, 28 years after the murder of the brothers Vergara Toledo at the hands of repression, outrage grows. Every March 29 more come to join the protests, commemorating the Day of the Young Combatant. That’s no coincidence, but reflects the rising class struggle in our country and greater inclusion in it of the popular youth.

This March 29 we pay tribute to the Vergara Toledo brothers and all the popular youth who fought the cops and the CNI [fascist political police service], not for Aylwin [first President of Chile following “democratic transition”], but for the conquest of power by the people. The demand for the conquest of power remains more relevant than ever.

Today as yesterday the masses fight, and they do not want crumbs, they want everything that belongs to them, they want power. Opportunists want to deceive the masses speaking of constituent assemblies, elections or talking of “People Power” without revolution. What is behind this? Denying that power is won by revolution. Denying the transformative role of the masses, denying the need to deploy struggles, denying the path of revolutionary violence.

Via El Pueblo

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