Jugend Widerstand at 21st Congress of ADGH


Unofficial translation by Signalfire

Dear Comrades,
Dear Friends!

We Jugend Widerstand welcome the 21th Congress decided by the comrades of ADGH and we are delighted to be able to be here today. All those gathered here today know to what extent imperialism is spreading destruction and misery. Imperialist war, the exploitation of the popular masses worldwide, the so-called “refugee crisis”, mass poverty and lack of opportunity are all effects of the age-old system of exploitation which has grown an army of henchmen- Civil servants, cops, military, intelligence services – who with lying propaganda and brutal repression and crackdowns against every resistor keep the peoples of the world in shackles. But in its desire for profit and power imperialism digs its own grave – resistance is stirring everywhere in the world; the more relations of exploitation come crudely to light, the more the people resist. In some countries there already exist Communist parties who lead the proletariat in resolute struggle against the system, in others there are sparks of spontaneous popular struggle whose thrust clearly points towards new democratic and socialist revolution.

Today it’s about us – the revolutionary movement in Germany and in particular the youth – how will we oppose the enemy? How can we contribute to smashing imperialism? How can we fulfill our duty to serve the international proletariat, the oppressed classes in our country and the peoples of the world as much as we can? Today here young people from different countries and different backgrounds are gathered – our hearts burn for the fighting in Turkey and Kurdistan – but what unites us is our life and our struggle in the imperialist centers and the common hatred of imperialism, whose powerbrokers largely reside in our countries.

Looking back at the history of our class, we see that great victories were always possible, so long as the immense power of the proletariat and the anger of the exploited classes was focused, planned and directed purposefully against the bourgeoisie by a leading ideology and a central organization. Here our class learned something every time and built on the experience of previous revolutions. The Paris Commune, the October Revolution in Russia, the Chinese Revolution and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution were milestones in our history, in which the proletariat temporarily held power in its hands, where great social progress has been fought for – huge leaps in the development of productive forces, literacy and education of millions of people, leaps in the emancipation of women, overcoming drug addiction and ancestral idealist traditions which held the people in chains and beacons of hope for millions of people enslaved by imperialism worldwide.

The great teachers who instructed our class in this way, were Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin and Mao Tsetung. They synthesized the lessons of history and gave us the most powerful weapon in the fight we posses today – the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Because history moves forward and never returns backwards, it gave us Mao as the last milestone with everything we need to defeat the enemy: the doctrine of the universality of People’s War and the construction, defense and consolidation of socialism through to communism via cultural revolutions. Our ideology is alive, combative and never abstract – we lead the fight right there and exactly as it should be conducted under the concrete conditions.

The struggle in Germany needs a resolute, militant and united revolutionary youth movement which is embedded in the masses and clearly sees the contradictions of society in Germany and on a world scale with the tactical and strategic strength to oppose the bourgeois and their apparatus of domination, able to unite the class and the people in this struggle and finally in alliance with the international proletariat to sweep imperialism from the earth. This is not a vision and not a utopia, but a necessity that all with our knowledge of the mechanisms that control our society causing exploitation and oppression are bound to carry out. We need a Communist Party, which strictly adheres to the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,which following the sparking of the revolutionary process in Germany unleashes the strength of the proletariat as a mighty force for revolution. The youth will play a central role in this process. They always strive forward, most dynamic force in society as Mao taught us. They must take their responsibilities seriously, tackle them with passion and serve the class and the people!

In this sense, we wholeheartedly wish this Congress and the ADGH generally the maximum political, ideological and organizational success! We have confidence and we are confident that this conference will enable significant leaps and provide more clarity. We look forward to working, living and fighting ever more closely with you side by side for the development of the revolutionary movement in our country.

Long live the militant youth – Long live the ADGH!

Long live our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Rebellion is justified!

Via Jugend Widerstand

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