On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Wadie Haddad, PFLP calls for the escalation of Palestinian revolutionary approach


On 28 March, 1978, the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and all liberation movements in the world lost a struggler who dedicated his life to freedom for the Palestinian people from Zionist occupation, Comrade Dr. Wadie Haddad of Safad, one of the founders of the Arab Nationalist Movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Haddad led and directed the international military operations of the Front, embracing revolutionary violence to resist occupation under the banner of “after the enemy everywhere,” carrying out bold and powerful operations against the occupation in Palestine and internationally, which bore the hallmarks of the leader Wadie Haddad.

We will not forget that Wadie Haddad is one of those who led in bringing the Palestinian cause to the world as an issue of national liberation and drew the world’s attention to the suffering and struggle of the Palestinian people under occupation, inspiring national liberation movements and strugglers around the world that joined under his leadership and those of his colleagues in carrying out a number of bold operations, such as the operation at Lod airport in 1972 carried out by a group of fighters of the Japanese Red Army.

On the 38th anniversary of his martyrdom, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine recalls his experience of struggle and calls for the escalation of the resistance and the intifada, and the consolidation of the Palestinian revolutionary approach, emphasizing the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation.

Wadie Haddad had great faith and loyalty to an approach in accordance with the objectives for which he fought and died, that revolutionary violence and armed resistance is the most effective weapon of oppressed peoples to gain their full national rights and liberation.

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