Declaration of the Founding of the Revolutionary United People’s Movement


A more complete report of the founding statement of the HBDH-Signalfire

Ten revolutionary organisations from Turkey/Kurdistan joined their forces to fight the fascism of the AKP and of President Erdoğan at its head. Basing on the experiences of the Internationalist Freedom Battalion, in which these groups have been united for one year already to defend Rojava, knowing that the guerillas of TKP/ML-TiKKO, PKK and MKP have been sharing their training camps for several years and knowing that for several months now these groups have been participating unofficially in the defense of the cities of Cizre, Silopi and Nusaybin, this official union has been long awaited. As a result of the failure of the parliamentary strategy of the HDP coalition, confronted by the Turkish Deep State, whose nature does not allow for the smallest of hopes for democracy, these organisations that, for the most part, have not kept close relationships to one another, made the decision to unite their forces in order to intensify their struggle against the fascist dictatorship of the AKP.

The creation of the Revolutionary United People’s Movement (Halkların Birleşik Devrim Hareketi) was declared by 10 revolutionary organisations that, following a series of discussions that have been taking place since December, made the decision to unite their forces and to lead a common front.

In their declaration, the organisations that are uniting their forces in the Revolutionary United People’s Movement, are doing it with the goal of strengthening the revolution by combatting this force deemed to be “the fascist collaborationist AKP and the oppressive system of the Turkish Republic” on all fronts, through armed struggle and by all other means.




Representatives of the organisations taking part in the creation of the Revolutionary United Movement, having gathered in the guerilla zones, explained the purpose of this move and its goals. Prior to reading the declaration, Duran Kalkan, member of the Executive Committee of the PKK, said these words: “We find ourselves here to be a part of a declaration that will doom fascism here and today, and which will be a new glimmer of hope for our peoples.” Afterward, he listed in the order given below the names of the revolutionary organisations of Turkey and Kurdistan that having being engaging in discussion since December and that have made the decision to unite their forces and to carry out actions together:

TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist)

PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party)

THKP-C/MLSPB (Front-Liberation Party of the People of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist Armed Propaganda Unit)

MKP (Maoist Communist Party)

TKEP-L (Communist Labour Party of Turkey-Leninist)

TİKB (Revolutionary Communist League of Turkey)

DKP (Revolutionary Communard Party)

Devrimci Karargâh (Revolutionary Headquarter)

MLKP (Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (Turkey/North Kurdistan))

Moreover, the Proleter Devrimciler Koordinasyonu (Coordination of Revolutionary Proletarians) has announced to join the Revolutionary United Movement. Also, an organisation by the name of Diriliş Hareket (Renaissance Movement), which took part at the discussions, has announced that it is considering to join the Movement.




Regarding the choice of March 12th as the date for the founding of the Revolutionary United of the Peoples’ Movement, Kalkan says the following: “By declaring our founding on the date of the 45th anniversary of the fascist Coup d’État of March 12, 1971, on the date of the 21st anniversary of the Gazi Massacre of March 12, 1995 and on the date of the 12th anniversary of the Qamışlo Massacre of March 12, 2004, we send a message to all the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan that we made the decision to fight against fascism, imperialism and all sorts of obscurantisms, and for the Revolution, freedom, socialism, democracy and the fraternity of the peoples. By finding ourselves in such a union on the 45th anniversary of the fascist Coup d’État of March 12, 1971, we openly maintain our desire to lead victoriously our struggle for the Revolution, democracy and socialism. The Regime of the fascist Coup d’État massacred the Mahir Çayan’s, the Deniz Gezmiş’s and the İBRAHİM KAYPAKKAYA’s. Yet their passion, their resistance, their knowledge, their goals and aspirations are still here and still fresh. We are present; just like 45 years ago, we make our love of freedom, democracy and socialism a reality. We find ourselves undertaking this union in order to lead to victory the revolution against AKP’s fascism, which, by restoring the fascist Coups d’État of March 12 and September 12, seeks to put in place a new fascist dictatorship.”




“We will lead the struggle together, we will overcome together”


Following this, the communiqué was read in Turkish and Kurdish. The read communiqué, having brought up an analysis of the crisis currently-experienced in the Middle East and of the massacres, underlined that the entangled forces are of an imperialist nature and that the reactionary structures of the nation-state are menacing to drag away all of humanity into a world war. The AKP is showcased: “In its union with the imperialists and on a basis of contradictory interests, the AKP government seeks out the dirties alliances at international and regional levels in this bloody war led against the peoples of the region. In the same retrospective, inside the country, the AKP has launched a bloody, total assault against the peoples. It is trying to crush all opposition by means of state terrorism, street assassinations, massacres and mass arrests. At the same time, it attempts to commit a genocide against the Kurdish people by reducing the cities, take with tank fire and bullets, to rubble. It is working to crush all resistance and to install a one-party dictatorship supported by the traditional, modern, reactionary and fascist forces of the oppressive system of the Turkish Republic. This bloody and fascist alliance unites them on grounds of hatred of Kurds.”

The declaration, informing of the heavy damages and exploitation created by the regional forces, which ripened the revolutionary situation and opened a way for the Revolutionary United Peoples’ Movement, reads: “In fact, nowadays defending the revolutionary process in Rojava, the resistance for Kurdish self-determination and the Revolutionary United struggle of our peoples, means defending all of the oppressed, the workers, the intellectuals, the democrats, the life and the future of the entire people. In conclusion, to take into account all of these values is synonymous with defending the future of the peoples of the World. In this system, not a fraction of the society is safe in Turkey. The Alevis, the Kurds, the laic democrats, the workers, the poor and all of the opposition forces are under the fire of the assaults. If the struggle for Kurdish self-determination is broken, the AKP will start to attack all other opposition forces in Turkey. Consequently, the future of all progressive, revolutionary and working class forces in Turkey is directly tied to the future of the Kurdish resistance.”

The Revolutionary United Peoples’ Movement’s basic principles of struggle were declared as following :

-Our movement’s goal is to fight against imperialism, capitalism, chauvinism, fascism and racism for an emancipated and democratic future for our peoples. The destruction of the fascist AKP and of its public support by the revolutionary forces of the people is considered to be unavoidable.

-The AKP government is in the process of destroying the society and the natural environment. It is a danger for women and youth. It intensifies the exploitation of the working class and of all workers and imposes slave-like conditions. It subdues and massacres all of the fringes of the population.

-The Revolutionary United Peoples’ Movement adopts the principle of forming, organizing and unifying all forces – the victims of the AKP government’s and the Turkish Republic’s bourgeois state’s assaults – with the goal of mobilizing them for the struggle.

-The Revolutionary United Peoples’ Movement struggles for an ecological society and supports women’s liberation and the struggle for rights and liberties for the working class and the workers. It struggles to win an emancipated future for our peoples by founding people’s power in Turkey and democratic autonomy in Kurdistan.

-The Revolutionary United Peoples’ Movement calls all the oppressed masses, victims of fascism and conservatism, starting with women, youth, proletarians and workers to organise, to united and to fight for freedom, democracy and the fraternity of the peoples.



Concluding the declaration on the notion that in Turkey’s current situation, if measures are not taken, an even more bloody dictatorship will be put in place, the declaration reads: “Only the resistance of the united peoples and the revolution can protect us from what will happen. Either an even more bloody dictatorship will be put in place, or by organising and arming themselves, our people will reduce to dust the AKP fascists and the jihadists.”

After the first declaration, the representative of MLKP, Ferzad Can, gave a speech to congratulate the people with the creation of the Revolutionary United People’s Movement: “To finish, we would like to add the following; presently, our people are no longer without an alternative against imperialism, capitalism, fascism and all sorts of conservatism. The Revolutionary United Peoples’ Movement is a revolutionary avant-garde built on the slogans of democracy, liberty, justice, equality and revolution. We invite our peoples, our workers, the oppressed, all cultures starting with the Alevis, the women, the youth to join the ranks of the Revolutionary United Movement and to struggle. We congratulate our peoples for the Revolutionary United Movement and hope that it will bring victories.”

The Declaration was concluded with the slogans ‘Down with fascism’, ‘Long live the revolution’, ‘Long live the fraternity of the peoples’.

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