Association of Chinese Women Editorial-August 1976


“In the Socialist period, the principle target of the Revolution is the bourgeois elements in the Party…They are the most ferocious destroyers of the complete liberation of the masses of women..They brandish theories about the “backwardness of women” and the “uselessness of women” and affirm that “the destiny of the husband decides the destiny of the wife” and that “there must be no talk about freeing women from domestic work” etc..If women are made to share in productive industrial and agricultural work, it is in order to have a cheap labor force..As for culture these aristocratic and bourgeois persons value it only because it serves to “amuse” them, after their tea and wine..

We must wage a long struggle against the bourgeoisie both in and outside the Party..The more violent the reversion to the past is, the stronger the will of the revolutionary masses grows..The big officials exert a heavy oppressive pressure…on workers, on peasants, on women, on revolutionary youth. Working women, young women, feel great hatred for the bureaucratic class and their resolve to struggle is firm. There is nothing strange in this, for it is in harmony with the development of things…After Liberation, Confucian morality continued to spread its stench, to poison women. To free themselves completely women must smash the yoke of Confucian morality…”

Renmin Ribao August 21, 1976

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