March 18: Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners-Hamburg


Unofficial translation by Signalfire

Jail Demonstration:

Freedom for all political prisoners!

On March 18, the day of struggle for the liberation of political prisoners, there will be many actions internationally, as well as in Hamburg. In a time in which the repression of revolutionary and progressive forces is always increasing this is both necessary and welcome. Everywhere parties, organizations and peoples who raise the flag of resistance to exploitation and oppression by the imperialist system, find themselves exposed to intensified repression.

Especially in the countries of the so-called third world the people and their resistance is suppressed with exceptional hardness. The Palestinian people fighting against the occupation of their country for decades, are brutally beaten, imprisoned, tortured and murdered every time they raise their voice against the massive genocide. There 7000-8000 political prisoners in the jails of the Israeli occupation , including around 400 minors. In India, where the people have begun to combat imperialism with a people’s war led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) , over 10,000 political prisoners are held in the prisons of the reactionary government. And in Turkey any movement that rises against the state, at any time is put down by force of arms.

The repression of these movements is also continued in the imperialist countries, as evidenced in the cooperation of the German and the Turkish state. Again and again the so-called “anti-terror law” (§ 129b, membership or support in/for a foreign terrorist organization), is utilized to criminalize and attack revolutionary and progressive migrant organizations. Last year in a Europe-wide operation a total of 11 activists of the “Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe” (ATIK) were arrested as alleged members of the “Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist” (TKP / ML). In the 300-page indictment for the trials that are to begin in Munich in mid-May, there is only one specific “crime” alleged; border crossing with a forged passport by a single person. Also the ban on the newspaper “Yürüyüs” and the searches of the offices of the “Anatolian Federation” show the complicity between the German and Turkish government. A total of about 20 people in Germany are at this imprisoned in accordance with § 129b, many accused of membership in Turkish DHKP-C or the PKK. In Germany it is enough now to be an anti-fascist-minded football fan to be exposed to the harshest repression. Also in other imperialist countries, there are a large number of long-term revolutionary prisoners, some of them are: Leonard Peltier (since 1976) and Mumia Abu-Jamal (since 1981) in the United States, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah (since 1984) in France and Marco Camenisch ( since 1991) in Switzerland.

But all this repression that the rulers set against the revolutionary movement will not force us to our knees, on the contrary, the struggle for the freedom of political prisoners is able to give the revolutionaries and progressive people even more power. A battle of wills waged together both inside and outside. Again and again the prisoners of migrant organizations have waged hunger strike or begin to organize them, or for example the prisoners’ union, which has since its inception in 2014 already recruited 650 members in 45 prisons. Powerful campaigns for moral support of the prisoners also constitute an important part of this struggle, so we say: On March 18, take the streets!

Long live international solidarity! – Solidarity is resistance!

Down with § 129a / b!

Internationalist Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners

March 2016

Demonstration on March 18, S-Bahnhof Sternschanze, 17:30 Uhr

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