Armed struggle in Turkey/Kurdistan update 3/3/2016


Two women killed after attacking riot police headquarters in Istanbul

Two women carried out an attack on the Riot Police Headquarters in Bayrampaşa this morning. The attackers threw hand grenades and used rifles during the assault, and sought refuge in a nearby basement after a few minutes of clashes. One police officer was wounded during the attack. Riot police used street cameras and helicopters to identify the location of the attackers, and cornered them in the basement of a building in Gazi Street. Riot police squads attacked the basement and were met with attackers’ resistance. However, the two attackers were killed after an hour of armed confrontation in and around the basement.


The militants have been identified as DHKP supporters Berna Yılmaz and Ferhat Tüzer who previously served 19 months in prison for unfurling a banner demanding free education during a speech by Erdoğan in 2010.

Via ANF News and Bianet


MLKP youths join YPS ranks in Nusaybin



A group of youths affiliated to the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) have joined the ranks of Civilian Defense Units-YPS in Mardin’s Nusaybin district where popular resistance against state’s attacks endures with determination. Speaking on behalf of MLKP youths, Cihan Saruhan said they saluted the Kurdish people’s fight for self-rule, voicing support and participation to this struggle against colonialism. Saruhan vowed that they will bring the ruling fascist dictator and perpetrators of Cizre massacre to book through the popular resistance mounted in Kurdish towns, adding; “We know that self-rule will bring freedom to the peoples of Turkey and the Middle East, and we believe the resistance behind barricades will break the rising wave of fascism in Kurdistan.”

Calling upon all peoples to step up the struggle against fascism at barricades, Saruhan said this was the only way to defeat fascism, adding; “Cizre victim Mehmet Tunç’s last words ‘We did not surrender but resisted’ is an instruction to us. We have therefore come here to resist fascism by following this instruction. We will not surrender but will triumph over fascism through the fight we will be giving.”

Via ANF News


YJA-STAR fighters: We will resist with spirit of March 8

KERKUK – YJA-STAR women who are fighting against Daesh in Kerkük Front gave a message for March 8, International Women’s Day by saluting YPS-JIN: “We are resisting against gang members by being in the front line and we will continue to resist to the end. We call on all women: Increase the resistance and don’t keep silent against the massacres.” YJA-STAR fighters who are fighting in Kerkük Front in Federal Kurdistan Region, made evaluations about March 8, International Women’s Day. Feraşîn Berfîn, one of the fighter women, pointed out the history of women’s struggle and she said, “March 8 is a very important day for all women. March 8 was created by the resistance of all women around the world. We should celebrate March 8 in the streets.” Feraşîn said that we, as Kurdish women, meet every day with resistance not just March 8.

She stated that they became conscious and fight against male-dominated mentality under favour of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. “Kurdish women have increased the resistance by giving heavy price. Women’s resistance has extended with Sara, Zilan, Beritan and Arîn. They are a symbol of women’s reistance in the world now. Women must resist in every area of life. Women must put a brave front on oppression. We are resisting against gang members by being in the front line and we will continue to resist to the end. We give our word to the people that we will reach victory. We call on all women: Increase the resistance and don’t keep silent against the massacres.” said Feraşîn.

Sitêra Jiyan, original Armenian, is fighting against gang members in Kerkük Front. Sitêra wished a happy March 8 to all women. “I wish a happy March 8 to all women. At the beginning of history, women were considered as goddess of freedom and equality. However, women have been taken captive by male-dominated mentality. Women have willpower and energy. We salute the resistance of YPS-JIN with spirit of March 8. Labourer women are resister women.”

Via Jinha News


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