Joint Latin American Declaration on the occasion of the 122nd birth anniversary of Chairman Mao

AAM Shanghai CAT. 84

Proletarians of all countries unite!

On the occasion of the 122nd birthday of Chairman Mao


The international proletariat greets with great happiness and revolutionary joy the new anniversary of the birth of Chairmen Mao Tse Tung. We express our cordial greetings to our class and to the peoples of the world and reaffirm our great task of defense and application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism and its complete validity as the command and guide of the world proletarian revolution.


Communists commemorate this date of the 122nd birthday of Mao Tsetung at a moment when humanity is traversing very complex scenarios, where imperialist aggression against oppressed nations and peoples especially in the major region of the Middle East has escalated to an unprecedented extent. This has led to a proliferation of conflicts of different types, with a major sharpening of the contradictions between the imperialist powers, in which they attempt to settle their positions in a new redivision [of the world], which has as its corollary the redoubled oppression, devastation, balkanization and instrumentalization of the occupied countries and peoples.

It was already stated by Gonzalo in 1992 and it remains valid today: “Today there is one reality, the same contenders of the First and Second World War are preparing a Third World War. We should know this and we, as the children of an oppressed nation, are part of the booty.” Today throughout the world particularly in Ukraine, Asia, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, there once more stands evidence of the reactionary and violent nature of imperialist voracity and not only are the oppressed countries the booty in the war between the imperialist powers and superpowers, but also a portion of the masses of the people are made into auxiliary armed forces of the imperialist armed forces; Fettered masses, who are trapped in armed conflicts which do not relate to their interests, ending up in some cases aligned with the imperialist armed forces of the US, France, Great Brittan, Russia, Germany, China, Holland, Italy, Canada, etc..Which serves the Yankee imperialists who aspire to maintain themselves as the only hegemonic superpower and to hold access and control over the most unstable regions of the planet leading to a unprecedented situation of oppression and exploitation, leading to a growth in the danger of a third world war to delineate their interests at the cost of blood and fire for the oppressed masses, to whom will fall the major share of useless sacrifice as a part of the imperialist genocide.

Against the danger of a new imperialist world war we uphold revolution as the main historical tendency and primary policy. Therefore to initiate and develop people’s war to make revolution and prevent the imperialist world war, or if it cannot be prevented, to oppose it with people’s war so as to transform it into revolution.

This confused alignment of the masses leads to struggles for interests alien to the historical needs of the people, which is due to a specific prior situation. The absence of a correct ideological and political leadership, a Communist Party which in its efforts to fight imperialism and its lackeys, unites all forces which can be united while maintaining the independence and integrity of the Party as established by Chairmen Mao.

The absence of proletarian leadership or as yet feeble attempts to fight for this leadership in the struggle of the Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish people against imperialism and its violent offspring is reflective of the continuing crisis in the International Communist Movement, Where old style and new revisionism in its various forms, centerism, reformist opportunism and other bourgeois currents have infiltrated the ranks of the international proletariat.

Employing the revisionist discourse of the multipolar character of imperialism (a new version of Kautsky’s “ultra-imperialism”), the new opportunism pushes the class and the people to take a position on the side of Russian and Chinese imperialism, arguing that from this position it can join forces to stop the greed of US imperialism and its allies. Nothing could be more false then this, communists do not defend the existence of imperialism because we understand its origins and its nature and therefore we do not establish which imperialism is most kind to the oppressed peoples of the world, on the contrary we assert its definitive destruction, and only with this can there be decisive liberation for the peoples, especially now that we find ourselves in the stage of the collapse of imperialism and its sweeping away by the world revolution through people’s war (strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution)….

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