Greek People and Workers Demonstrated Massively against the New Anti-Social Security Assault!




● The Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist) salutes the thousands of people who demonstrated massively all over the country against the new anti-insurance assault that the government of SYRIZA-ANEL prepares under the orders of the imperialists of US and EU.

The 4th of February strike had very high percentages in both the private and public sectors. Along them there was mass participation of small businesses and farmers who also protested against the continuation of the policies of income plunder and tax assault.

● We condemn the state police repression that was evident throughout the city of Athens. Responding to the usual provocative acts of various “well wishers” the repressive police forces took the opportunity to drown parts of the demonstration with tear gas.

We imagine that the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the Labor Minister will feel justified since they can continue with renewed strength their “tough negotiations” now that the people rejected massively their proposals!
One thing is certain, that the people must continue their struggle more resolutely in order to:
►Overthrow the new measures and defend their rights to social security, pension and health care
►Reject the false dialog behind which hides a method of passing the new barbaric measures.
►Reject the logic of “exceptions” (and illusions) which is promoted by various group leaders.
►Reject the false statements of “support” by ND, PASOK and various other bourgeois systemic crutches, who wear their pro-people masks and seek to exploit the genuine and just rage of the people and workers in order to win back their lost political ground and return as “responsible” administrators, always of course for the system and against the people.

In every labor union, in every work place, in every neighborhood!
● No to the new anti-social security measures!
● Social Security, pension and full, free health care for all!
● No to any raise on age limits!
● No to any reduction of pensions!
● Wage and pension raises!
● No to the unification of pension funds!
● Abolition of the anti-social security acts of PASOK and ND!
● No to the raise of social security contributions!
● Abolition of workers “contributions!
● No to the discrimination between Greek and foreign workers! Social Security and legalization of all migrant workers!
● Resistance and Struggle Front against old and new memorandums!
● Greece out of the EU! IMF out of Greece!

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