Rohith Vemula’s Death- An Orchestrated murder by Sangh Parivar, MHRD


Statement by Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle, IIT-M

Suicide (as stated by media but it is not so) of Dalit Research Scholar Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad University Campus has strangulated the entire democratic voices of this country. It once again exposed the repressive role of Brahminical State apparatus and Hindutva fascism against oppressed masses and working classes! The scholar was a member of Ambedkar Student Association (ASA), where his group exposed the pre-planned role of RSS in Muzaffarnagar riot through screening the documentary titled ‘Muzaffarnagar baqqi hai’.

Because of this he and his team members were targeted by Hindutva fanatic group ABVP. In order to curb his team’s democratic voice inside the university, the union labour minister and RSS ideologue Bandaru Dattatreya wrote to MHRD minister Smirti Irani by stating that “UoH has become a den of casteist, extremist and anti-national politics”. UoH admin merely acted as a puppet in the hands of Hindutva group and suspended five of the ASA members including Rohith Vemula. What a coincidence! To ban APSC-IITM also, a nexus of local BJP elements in Tamilnadu, Hindutuva student group in IITM and MHRD ministry worked tirelessly through IITM administration!

It is clearly evident that this has been repeated in Rohith Vemula’s case also. Initially APSC was castigated as anti-national element and rusticated further when it criticised and exposed the fascist Modi govt. and Brahminical tyranny of RSS! Much in the same way the APSC team members underwent psychological torture by the nexus of these authorities. The similar fascist nexus also involved in the shear harassment of Rohith Vemula and strangulated him to death.

Therefore, one cannot simply consider this as suicide whereas Rohith Vemula’s death is an Orchestrated murder of Bramahnical fascist forces. Either in UoH or in APSC-IITM, or in FTII cases, it is evident that Brahminical fascism has its own agenda where its aim is to get hold of the academic institutes by strangulating dissenting voices and establish Brahminic hegemony! The democratic voice, we rarely enjoy in academic spaces is not a merciful freebie granted by these Brahminic forces; rather we’ve got through prolonged, consistent and vigorous fight with them through centuries. It is a high time to find a graveyard to these fascist nexus otherwise no one can stop the murder of many such Rohith Vemulas who is an icon of our democratic voice!

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