Symbols for the revolution and women becoming a commander-MLKP


Yeliz Erbay (Berçem) and Şirin Öter (Ekin)

On 22nd December 2015 two commander comrades, comrades Bercem and Sirin, answered the counter-revolutionary police attack to annihilate and the violence with their revolutionary will and violence. They defended the party’s base they stayed at with their lives. By that they joined the immortal comrades dying in the struggle for the revolution and socialism. The two of them didn’t only support the Kurdish freedom fighters’ and Kurdish peoples’ self-defence and armed resistance against the colonial occupation that has lasted for months as from the West meaning from Turkey but also showed the way for strengthening the united revolutionary struggle and abolishing the colonial fascist dictatorship. They also gave us the message that the womens’ will and liberation could be won through revolutionary war practice and women becoming commanders.

The resistance of the two comrades was a revolutionary vanguard action against the fascist AKP ’s and T. Erdogan’s regime that attacks the revolutionary movement, the Kurdish freedom movement and oppressed with tyranny and brutality. It was a blaze. It was the action of revolutionary militants steeled with revolutionary violence and will against the colonial violence and siege.

There is no doubt that this revolutionary resistance can’t be considered separately from the current political developments, the dirty and reactionary war led by the fascist dictatorship within the country and abroad. On the contrary, is is the currently necessary revolutionary duty. It is the practice of our party MLCK‘s strategy and political tactics. It is part of our party’s revolutionary struggle in Turkey, Kurdistan, Rojava and the Middle East in the last years.

The outcome of this struggle is the practice of the FESK (Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed). When we consider the FESK’s historical and political struggle, we see examples of different means. Removing obstacles in front of revolutionary organization and action, the preparation of self-defence of people and revolutionary militants and answering the demands for justice and rendering account are the contents of FESK’s action. The preparation of the revolutionary political violence and fighting power of the working class’ and oppressed against the counter-revolutionary political violence and war, its organization and defining will grow and develop through such resistances and struggles of revolutionary vanguards.

The MLCP is the revolutionary war party of Turkey and Kurdistan. It is the party of the regional revolution in the Middle East. At the same time is the womens’ party leading a fight for the liberation of women. It has revolutionary fighting organisations, experiences, tactics and main lines It has dozens of party martyrs losing their lives in the armed struggle. It has hundreds of revolutionary prisoners and will have some in future. Thousands of members, activists, sympathizers were arrested, tortured and will experience this in future, too.

The MLCP has used any means and form of struggle needed in the political struggle for the class struggle. Within its 20 years of struggle history, the party has used illegal and legal means, armed and disarmed means, the parliamentary and peaceful way as well as barricades and street resistances, unions and democratic organisations, cultural and sporty activities, strikes and boycotts, group and mass violence throughout its foundation and development. The members of the MLCP are trained as revolutionary fighters and militants such as foreseen by the statut and programme. They fulfil actions and take over duties needed by the party and class struggle. Comrades Yeliz and Sirin organised their lives and actions as wanted by the MLCP.

Comrade Yeliz (Bercem) was in the front of the struggle for the revolution and socialism and realised “class suicide”. She cut all her relations with the capitalist system, any open and hidden relations.

She fulfilled all duties given to her by the party with the full conscious, responsibility and discipline. In the first years of her being a revolutionary she used to work as a teacher and was active in the union. She supported her comrades being illegally. In 2006 when her party faced serious organizational attacks by the fascist regime there was the need to become professionally revolutionary and work illegally. Without the smallest doubt she stopped being a teacher and together with her comrades, she worked actively in the party’s illegality always being hunted by the police and facing difficult conditions. After 2010 she joined military training actions. For some time she was trained to become a commander. And she trained hundreds of people herself.

At the same time comrade Bercem trained herself theoretically and produced. She wrote articles on the women’s question and sex conscious. And she fought against the patriarchal understanding and thoughts of male comrades within the party. Her feeling for comradeship and justice were very strong. She never had problems to get to know someone. She was productive and active, a revolutionary militant.

Comrade Sirin was an oppressed labourer women, oppressed due to her ethnicity, religion and class. The society and history she came from is full with great resistances and fights. She was a comrade who used to work in the textile sector and supported the militant actions in the borough at the same time. She was a communist comrade whose diligence and discipline were adorable. She was always very interested in military actions and joined the trainings. She was full of rage against fascism and capital. She fought with the working class and oppressed peoples’ revolutionary class rage and violence. Together with comrade Bercem she realised revolutionary actions against the counter-revolutionary focus. The way to become a female commander made her free from day to day.

Their revolutionary fighting will and resistances are an example for us!

Comrades Yeliz and Şirin will live in our struggle!

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