FRG Action Report: December 2015-January 2016

Via Dem Volk Dienen


December 1st:

AfD [right populist, anti-immigrant party] event at Best Western Hotel canceled in Gotha due to public pressure

December 2-3rd

Windows smashed and graffiti painted at AfD event site in Baden-Würtemberg.

December 3rd

Windows smashed and graffiti at home of AfD politician in Bremen.


December 5th

Vandalism against right wing fraternity in Bielefeld.


December 6th

Seven cars firebombed in Berlin.


December 7th

NPD [fascist party] official attacked and beaten in his office in Möckern. Attack footage later posted online with claim of responsibility.


December 9th

AfD office in Chemnitz attacked three nights in a row with firecarackers and stones.

December 10th

KIK corporate offices in Köln vandalized in retaliation for mass killing of workers in 2012 Pakistan factory fire.

Farbe und Steine auf eine Niederlassung von Facebook

December 12th

Facebook corporate offices vandalized in Hamburg.


December 12th

Anti-fascists clash with right wing rally in Leipzig. More then 100000 Euros in property damage, 70 police injured. Home of right wing organizer Silvio Rösler trashed.

December 13th

Paint attack on RWE corporate offices in Essen.

December 14th

Paint attack on Deutsche Bank branch in Hannover.

Paint attack on Thor-Steinar [fascist clothing brand] shop in Berlin.

Paint attack on fascist meeting space in Hamm.

December 15th

Vandalism of Bielefeld immigration office.

December 17th

Paint attack on fascist tattoo shop in Berlin Lichtenberg.

December 24th

Paint attack on war memorial in Karlsruhe.

Police office stabbed in Herborn.

December 25th

Fight with police patrol in Wiesbaden.

Police officers pepper sprayed in Franfurt.

December 29th

ThyssenKrupp vehicle firebombed in Berlin.

Late December

CDU office vandalized in Mannheim.

Attacks on NPD office in Treptow-Köpenick and AfD office in Schöneberg.



New Years

Police ambushed with stones, paint bombs and burning tire barricade in Frankfurt.

Anti-prison demo in Bremen.

Finance Ministry vehicles attacked in Leipzig.

Anti-prison demo in Münster.

Anti-prison demo in Freiburg.

Solidarity action with anti-fascist political prisoners in Dortmund.

Attack on CDU offices in Stuttgart at end of anti-prison demo.

Anti-prison demo in Würzburg.

Anti-prison demo in Köln.

Anti-prison demo in Hamburg.

Generali corporate offices vandalized in Köln.

Paint attack on Interior Ministry offices in Stuttgart.

January 3rd

Youth scuffle with police in Jena.


January 4th

Car of PEGIDA [fascist anti-immigrant front] official vandalized in Kessel.

January 8th

Police station vandalized in Würzburg.


January 11th

Street fighting following PEGIDA demo in Potsdam.

January 13th

Attack on right-wing activists in Berlin Friedrichshain.


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