Against Proposed Aerial attacks on Adivasi areas-CPI (Maoist)



Press Release 28 November, 2015

In Bastar’s Bijapur area, under the direct supervision of the top Police officials and officers of Air Force, aerial attack mock drills have been carried out, using 3 helicopters on 13th of October last. Modi’s brahmanical hindutva fascist BJP government prepared an action plan “Mission 2016” to wipe out Dandakaranya revolutionary struggle by the end of 2016 and part of it are these drills. These mock drills are part of the process to cruelly suppress maoist struggle and anti displacement mass struggles and to hand over natural wealth and resources to domestic and international Corporate Houses as early as possible. Our Party strongly condemns it and appeals to the people to oppose and raise voice against the proposed aerial attacks.

In Dandakaranya, at present, near about 1,20,000 (one lakh twenty thousand) paramilitary, police and commando forces are deployed. Carpet security is being strengthened continuously. Battalions of CRPF, CAF, CoBRA, Indo Tibetan Border Police, Border Security Force are being brought in and the process of setting up new camps in and around the proposed big mining projects, mega industrial plants, big dams, rail- lines is continuing. Thousands of billions rupees of MOU’s are being signed in Chattisgarh’s Rajnandgaon, Bastar division’s 7 districts and Maharashtra’s Gadchirolli adivasi majority areas with the aim to benefit Tata, Jindal, Essar, Neco Jaiswal, Lloyd, Adani, TPG-Texas Power Generation, etc Comprador Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie and Multi National Companies and also with the intention to benefit the above, MOU’s are signed with NMDC-National Mineral Development Corporation and SAIL-Steel Authority of India Limited.

To facilitate transportation of raw materials and goods of these companies and for the easy deployment of armed forces, Dalli-Raoghat-Jagdalpur rail-line is being laid under the strict vigil of forces. It is Proposed to build an army training school in the midst of “Abuj Maad’s” two thirds of the land which is the habitat of Maadia Adivasis- who are one of the ancient tribes. Air force bases, airports, helipads, fortified camps are being built with the armed forces’ gun point. Efforts are on to snatch lakhs of acres of land for the implimentation of these MOU’s. Conspiracy to chase away lakhs of people and rob their lands of Maadia, Muria, Halba, Batra, Durva adivasis, in addition to Mahar, Marar, Kalad, Yadav, Gando non-adivasis. Due to anti displacement mass struggles, people’s resistance and people’s war under the leadership of our party, Bodhghat, Mendki dam projects, Raoghat, Chargaon, Amdai, Tulad, Surjagad, Damkodi, etc projects; big industries stopped. Few among them could not be started for the last 25 years.

In Lohandiguda area of Bastar district, local masses with their 10 years of relentless resistance, compelled Tata to shut the proposed steel plant project. This is a great victory of heroic public. Imperialist economic and financial crisis is intensifying continuously. In this situation, Central-State governments have given top priority in their agenda to annihilate Maoist struggle at the earliest, newly shaping people’s political power organs-Krantikari Janatana Sarkar (Revolutionary People’s Committees) and to plunder country’s natural wealth at a speedy pace at any cost. Modi, who is the prime servant of domestic and foreign Corporate Houses, not only initiated but also aggressively implementing the third phase of Operation Green Hunt, which is an unjust war on people, which is continuing since 2009, to wipe out countrywide revolutionary struggle. Aerial attacks can well be understood in this context. National Security Adviser Ajit Dobhal and internal security affairs adviser Vijay Kumar visited Bastar in the first and second weeks of October.

Later, in a meeting at Raipur of top police officials and Air Force officers, the decision of aerial attacks was taken. It is appropriate to note that Modi visited Dantewada on 9th May, with the sole motives of Capital investment and Salwa Judum-2. It is well known that, in the name of “War on Terror” by the imperialists, especially by America and for their mean selfish interests, more of innocent people lost their lives than the agitators. in the Drone and Air strikes carried out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other countries and Israeli attacks on Palestine. This is continuing even today. There is no need to mention separately that in Dandakaranya too, innocent adivasis and non-adivasi population will be victims of these air strikes. Well before itself, eight MI-17 helicopters, eight drones are hovering day and nights on the heads of the people of Chattisgarh. Air force’s 5 helicopters from Nagpur are also taking part in anti Naxal Operations.

Talk is on to purchase much more of such drones and helicopters in the coming days. There is a need to raise voice from all corners against the use of army and air force, which were formed to tackle threats to country from abroad than for the war on people. Steps should be taken from all sides to safeguard self respect and very self existence of adivasis. All patriots should come forward to protect country’s natural wealth and resources for our future generations.

Our Party appeals to all Maoist parties the world over, revolutionary organizations, international human rights organizations, trade unions, renowned democratic-progressive intellectuals, all the progressive, democratic intellectuals of the country, human rights organizations, activists, various adivasi and non- adivasi social organizations, workers-peasants, students, youth, artists, writers, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, employees, patriotic citizens to raise their voice against the decision of aerial attacks on Dandakaranya, i.e. Rajnandgaon, Bastar and Gadchirolli’s adivasi majority areas and to take to streets in protest.



Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,

CPI (Maoist).

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