MFPR ITALY – COLOGNE: De te fabula narratur


After the mass sexual violence on dozens and dozens of women in Cologne, but also in Hamburg, Frankfurt and other cities in Germany, the racist and imperialist watchdogs unleashed their war of “values”, accompanied by implemented or announced measure of closing borders or expelling refugees.

The women harassed, hunted, insulted, raped become the occasion for a war of civilization – in words – and fascist reaction – in practice – for a dirty political battle of the rightists, this time accepted by everybody, including the “supportive with immigrants” mayor of Cologne and A. Merkel.

In Cologne something very serious occurred, in a form and scale unprecedented. The fact that for new year in some European countries hundreds, thousands of men, mostly youth, come from the suburbs to the down-towns in the of the imperialist citadels for stealing, picking pockets, has already happened. It happens for example in the heart of Madrid, Puerta del Sol, where at around midnight huge number of people gather to celebrate the new year.

They are not refugees, but mostly national of those countries, inhabitants of the suburbs, the banlieues which are not only in Paris, but in every imperialist citadel; they are marginalized, discriminated, poor, who see in the new year the opportunity to grab what they can. Are they organized? Yes and no. There are many and come together in groups, but you can not say that there is one direction behind.

The problem is that in Cologne this was joined by a brutal hunt of women, massive sexual harassment, assault, offenses.

But all those who now want to turn away this from themselves, from the respectful (toward women) West should look in the mirror.

In Cologne not only patriarchal practices and ideas toward women of the “third world” appeared, but found an intensifier bedrock in the aberrant ideas of “men who hate women” in the “modern” imperialist countries, the imperialist machismo / sexism, of “civilised” bourgeois men.

These are “children” who grew up in this rotten and barbaric imperialist social system that in its dying phase increasingly produces a fascist hate against women that in turn produces, again in a “massive scale”, rapes and femicides, inside of their beautiful cities and civilians and emancipated families.

Now the police, governments, journalists must find among the assailants the refugees, while it comes out that in the gangs there were also drunk and violent “pure” Germans.

On the Manifesto, Italian newspaper, we read: “… calls to go to Cologne to ‘defend our women’ circulate on Internet”. ‘Our’, i.e. owned by German male, called to embody not their freedom, but the German ’values’. Conservative media have been insisting for months that the prevalence of young Islamic males among the refugees would have resulted in a threat for the safety of women. Politicians and political forces always stuck to traditional roles dictated by patriarchy suddenly discovered to be convinced defenders of women’s freedom. And the events in Cologne are the perfect culmination of this campaign…”.

As Pierluigi Battista writes in Corriere della Sera: “Men who assaulted as animals women celebrating the New Year in Cologne wanted to punish the freedom of their victims … considered them prey to be publicly despised and beated, those women who did use a freedom that rapists and thugs in Cologne consider unthinkable, sinful, a symbol of perversion. Women who study and work, who get married with whom they wish… women who drink and eat freely, enter the bars, make love when they choose to do so … It has been a ritual of humiliation organized, coordinated, directed to hit what is now commonly called a ‘lifestyle’ … With all due caution and sense of responsibility you should have in this kind of problems, Cologne has the same meaning as symbolic irruption that the fanatical raid against Charlie Hebdo … We have the task to defend this way of life, and consider inviolable women and their freedom.”

It is a call to arms, first in the name of the war on Islamic fundamentalism = terrorism and later on Islamic fundamentalism = violence on ‘our’ women and our ‘freedom’. They circulate a false propaganda on the freedom of women in Western countries, a “freedom” more and more full of a “modern Middle Ages” for women, attacks on the rights and dignity of women, in Italy as in Germany, as in the “most civilised” Scandinavian countries, where even novels give voice to the “clean” fascist hatred towards women, and “white” Nazi death-thirsty children are born – do you remember the massacre in Utøya on July 2011?

To all this we respond, as women:



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