Maoist Communist Party of Germany‐Construction Committee at 2015 International Meeting


We are sending our sincere, revolutionary red greetings from Germany to the «International Meeting: From the revolt of the banlieus to the proletarian revolution», the organizers of Bloc Rouge (Unification des Maoistes) of France and the Maoist Communist Party ­ Italy and all participants, guests and supporters. We welcome the comrades initiative to organize and to hold this event! The uprisings of the proletarian youth in the suburbs of Paris and all over the country have been a torch of a struggle in the imperialist centres, an impressive proof that class struggle is alive here and the people’s masses strive for another way of living; no longer enslaved, exploited, maltreated and slaughtered as animals by the bourgeoisie and its damned police.

The place of the Maoist communists is always alongside the struggling masses. Only in absolute unity, only if we manage to lead the most oppressed and exploited classes and segments in the heart of struggles in the streets, in the quarters and in the companies; to politicize, organize and to arm them, to rely on them, only then can the socialist revolution be victorious! If in Paris, London, Stockhom or Berlin ­ it is rumbling in the migrants ́ and workers ́ areas in Europe and the hatred is emerging, ready to explode. Let us give it a direction, let us put it into service of the proletarian revolution. Let us build the steel­ like combat organization of the proletariat, the marxist­leninist-­maoist Communist Party in the midst of the fire of these struggles.

Let us show the masses in the praxis, in the revolts, what it means to be communists, what it means to serve the people, what it means to make «Rebellion ist justified!» become reality. Let us learn and let us teach ­ let us exercise ourselves and them in revolutionary violence and step onto the path of people ́s war and developt it in all our countries.

Long live the 10th anniversary of the glorious uprisings in the banlieus!

Death to imperialism ­ people ́s war for socialism!

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