Revolutionary Front of Defence of People’s Rights – Brazil at 2015 International Meeting


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Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!

Our warmest Marxist-­Leninist­-Maoist greetings for the organization of the seminar on the 10th anniversary of the rebellion in the French Banlieues. We salute all parties and organizations attending, and especially the Maoist Communist Party of France and the Maoist Communist Party of Italy, organizers of this important meeting. The convey of this event amidst the fascist escalation of the State of Emergency 10 days after the ISIS attacks that shook the French imperialist state is a defeat for imperialism and an important victory for the international proletariat and the oppressed nations and peoples around world.

The stormy events of November 13 were acts of war of the oppressed nations by imperialism in response to criminal aggressions. It is a direct expression of the sharpening contradiction opposing oppressed nations and peoples to imperialism, the main contradiction of our time. The worsening general crisis of imperialism stirs and sharpens all the fundamental contradictions of the time, besides the main one, also the contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries and the inter­-imperialist contradiction. As well explained by the MPP (CR) statement in January of this year: “the imperialist war go back home.” The imperialist bandits, with Hollande at forehead, are using these acts of war to intensify fascism and increase the absolute control by the state and government, in order to expand imperialist war to a new and larger scale.

US imperialism and its lackeys are manipulating information in order to create favorable “public opinion” for their plans of genocide against the peoples of the Middle East. As part of this, they apply their Low Intensity Conflict, putting people against people, using the existing contradictions in the region and those caused by their policies and interventions. Right now in the Middle East they put Kurds against Arabs in Syria and Iraq and against Turkish, by supplying weapons to the litigants and plotting all sorts of provocations, as the cowardly attacks in Suruç and Anacara, Turkey. As President Mao stated, the US imperialists are skilful in creating smoke screens to handle the situation according to their interests. Throwing sand in the eyes of the masses and their leadership to confuse them, they put against each other and divide the anti­-imperialist front. This diverts the people’s resistance struggles from concentrating their attack against the common and main enemy, Yankee imperialism, preventing, even temporarily, these struggles from advancing and winning.

That is why this important revolutionary political event, held under the State of Emergency of French imperialism, the same scenario of both the great uprisings of the fighting youth of the deepest strata of the proletariat and the actions on November 13, is a bold stand of Maoist forces in the continent and a hard blow against the imperialist policy of confusing people and split the anti­-imperialist front. The rebellion of young immigrant workers in the French Banlieues in 2005, as well as all those followed and shook the imperialist citadels, is an undeniable part of the worsening general crisis of imperialism and the uneven development of the revolutionary situation worldwide.

These revolts are inspiring examples for the revolutionaries who aim and pave the path of People’s War in these countries. Imperialism, in its deep, inexorable general crisis, is leading the whole globe to the imperialist war, carrying out the complete militarization of the life of the whole society. Let us remember what Comrade Lenin stated: “an oppressed class that does not aspire to take weapons, handle weapons, this class deserves only to be treated like slaves are treated.” This is a truth that reflects exactly the attitude that exploited and oppressed masses take more and more. And this is occurring with unusual frequency both in the centres of the revolutionary storm in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or in the outskirts of the imperialist metropolises, as the riots in the French Banlieues.

The masses rise up and fight. Herein is the positive aspect of the situation that is a solid objective basis to move forward. The peoples of the oppressed nations and the masses in the imperialist countries are spontaneously rising and fighting with the weapons and organizations available to them. However carrying out more and more violent actions against the aggression of imperialist war and against the imperialist State. This is the way they call for a firm proletarian revolutionary leadership, but they can not wait, and then they follow those who claim and issue commands to hit their enemies. In those countries where they cannot rely on a proletarian revolutionary leadership, especially in the Middle East but also within many imperialist countries, the masses angry with imperialist exploitation and oppression, are led by non-­proletarian forces with backward ideologies, as occurs in the Middle East, mainly by the Islamic religious ideology of feudal kind or other, and so the revolution is temporarily prevented from progressing and winning, herein is the negative aspect of the situation.

In this situation, the Maoist forces fighting decisively to accomplish the pending task to constitute or reconstitute Communist Marxist-­Leninist-­Maoist parties, militarized parties, must accelerate the preparations to pass from the people’s resistance to the revolutionary armed struggle as a People’s War, both in the oppressed and imperialist countries. Maoist revolutionaries must fully take up what foreshadowed by Chairman Mao, that imperialism entered the epoch of its full sweep by the proletarian revolution and the inescapable reality that, amid the sharpening of all the fundamental contradictions of the time, the war becomes more than ever, the only way for any solution of any problem for imperialism, ie the unjust war led to the extreme and permanently. To this reality the proletarian revolutionary leadership has to respond with the revolutionary war, a just war to put an end to the wars and achieve a long ­lasting peace.

The revolts in the French Banlieues, the explosions and uprisings of people worldwide, and the armed struggles for national liberation, their actions of war against imperialism, and especially the people’s wars in India, the Philippines, Turkey and Peru show and call the Communists to take up their responsibility, to put themselves at the head of the masses in carrying out their military operations, and pass to use the armed word against imperialism and all reaction.

Only through the armed struggle, rather than doctrinal slogans thrown to the wind, the Maoist forces can demarcate from non­-proletarian ideology and organizations, and lead the New Democratic Revolution in the dominated countries, and the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries, opposing decidedly to the imperialist war the people’s war and the world people’s war to the imperialist world war.

Long live the 10th anniversary of the revolt in the French Banlieues!

Down with the imperialist war in the Middle East!

Down with the genocides of the heroic Arab peoples!

Down with the imperialist war!

Long live People’s War!

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