Greece: ELA issue communique about the attack on Greek Federation of Enterprises HQ


07.01.16: Popular Fighters Group (ELA) have issued a communique explaining the reasons why they carried out an explosive attack against the headquarters of the Greek Federation of Enterprises (SEV) in Athens on 24.11.15. The 32 page communique explains that the action was carried out in the name of the four workers who lost their lives following the accident at the Hellenic Petroleum refinery in Aspropyrgos, Greece on 08.05.15 and in defense of the rights of struggling workers.

The communique also states that the action was aimed at businessmen and industrialists who support the implementation of bailout measures. The communique closes with greetings to the people and revolutionary movements of the region engaged in armed struggle against imperialism and it’s offshoots especially communist groups in Turkey and Kurdistan fighting against the Turkish state and ISIS. Greetings are also sent to the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) for it’s almost half a century of resistance against Israeli occupation and to armed leftist organizations in Lebanon and elsewhere.

via Insurrection News

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