Comité de Construcción del Partido Comunista Maoísta de Galicia at 2015 International Meeting


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Comrades, Receive a strong red salute from Galicia, a stateless nation under the current Spanish imperialist state.

Comrades, while we were preparing this speech, there have been the criminal attacks in this city of Paris, the cradle of the Commune, the first power of the revolutionary proletariat which raised the red flag on the streets and buildings and was crushed by the European reaction. We pay our tribute to the working people.

Once more, the victims of this barbaric action are sections of the masses unrelated with the criminal actions of the French imperialist state. These attacks objectively only benefits reactionaries and imperialists, as we see. The Emergency measures adopted are more dictatorship over the working class and working people, in France and elsewhere. More fascism!

This important meeting commemorates the tenth anniversary of the revolt in the banlieues, a great explosion of the proletarian youth, marginalized and exploited by the bourgeois republican regime. And today, it is in the new context of events, that we must reflect, analyze and apply our ideology to understand the revolutionary potential and our inability to lead it. Because, yes, comrades, we Communists must be at the forefront of the masses struggle not only in the factories or demonstrations, but also in the people’s neighborhoods, which are the daily scenario of thousands of lives made by frustrated and truncated expectations by exploitation, precariousness and marginalization.

The proletarian suburbs must be red bases of a new society, blossoms of self­-organization of the masses; they are those who make history, do not forget! We must take up as a key the class struggle!

We believe it is an important issue, because the concentration of masses in cities, or mega cities, is a fundamental tendency of capitalist societies and puts in front of us new challenges to be able to encircle the bourgeois citadel, with the proletarian neighborhoods turned into red bases, base areas, combat trenches.

This is the path the masses of the Paris Commune taught us, along which we should march, for them too. We came here to learn from your experiences and celebrate the revolt in the working­ class suburbs, no matter the different cultural background of the masses or their origin. We are a single class and based on that fundamental principle we have to work.

To conclude, we would like to point out that, starting from the respect for the religious feelings of the masses, we strongly oppose the various religions, monotheistic, and their priest, Popes and Imams. They are the ideological basis for domination of the reactionary castes worldwide and, therefore, we will never stop fighting each and any of them. They are the base of oppression of women and the reactionary behavior of many men. The contradiction with religious institutions is antagonistic, but that with the masses captive of them, we have to try to resolve, as contradiction within the people, respecting those habits or customs are not against to the new society.

Comrades; the imperialist powers are preparing a new great war and creating the appropriate framework for that. It is not a conspiracy, it is the struggle for the division of the world by the imperialist powers. They are facts, we can see; we must denounce strongly oppose all the chauvinist speeches about the “Western way of life”, exposing them as nothing but the capitalist mode of exploitation in the imperialist stage. Their “civilization” is nothing but oppression and exploitation for the majority. We can do it by firmly opposing the imperialist wars and actively preparing for a protracted revolutionary struggle, for the world proletarian revolution.

Long live the great Unity of Proletariat!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

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