Comité Anti‐Impérialiste – France at 2015 International Meeting


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Rise up against the police crimes!

First of all, we thank the comrades who organized this activity for having invited us but also for having maintained the meeting despite the difficulties they have encountered because of the difficult situation.

To rise up face the police brutality is the minimum. It is right to rebel against repression and police crimes. They actually take different forms but, they all have the same face of a ferocious capitalism, trying to impose its order to control and counter the rise of the revolts of the youth in general and that of the “dangerous classes” in particular.

The most common form the daily control, identity controls, harassment in the people’s neighborhoods, the ghettos for the poor, in the stations, against “dark faces”, paperless and Rom people. Harassment that led to the deaths of dozens of young people. This was the case of Zyed Benna and Bouna Traore in 2005 and then of Moushin Sbhouli and Laramy Samoura in November 2007, Akim Ajimi in Grasse, Wissam in Clermont­Ferrand, Lamine Dieng in Paris and many others. Crimes painted of everyday racism de facto legitimized by suspicion on those people they call “dangerous”. The revolts occurred on 2005 and 2007 were labelled as acts of barbarism, the rebels were imprisoned and abandoned to their fates. Trial based on anonymous tips served as examples to put people behind bars for over 10 years, as the Kamara brothers.

The second form is the attacks on struggles, those no longer under the control of union leaders cooperating with the system. In silence, the police and bourgeois state continue persecuting, encircling, and sometimes imprisoning and killing. It is the case of Rémy Fraisse, Ali El Anziz on 2011 killed by “security forces” in Mayotte for having protested against high prices. The bourgeois state attacks all the struggles out of control, lately that of the Air France employees, punished for a case of “ripped shirt”.

The last form is the “anti­terrorist” measures waving adopted agitating the fears of French about “jihadists”. They actually allow to arrest anyone suspected of threatening the establishment without going through a judicial process. They can persecute anyone suspected of simply support a just supposed terrorist organization. These measures allow to apply long sentences on revolutionaries who dared to challenge the imperialist order. This is the case of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. All these crimes and repressive measures are related. They aim to manage the general crisis of capitalism and the rise of the revolts. They aim to crush any challenge to the most criminal and inhuman system that is capitalism. French imperialism, in waging its “war against terrorism”, uses all the counter-­revolutionary means in its possession to prevent its overthrow.

Stop Impunity for Police Crimes!

Unity of Youth against Repression!

Let us Build a collective against the repression of class struggle and for the liberation of revolutionary prisoners!

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