Revolutionary Construction / Revolutionärer Aufbau – Austria at 2015 International Meeting


“It is up to us to organize the people. As for the reactionaries in China, it is up to us to organize the people to overthrow them. Everything reactionary is the same; if you don’t hit it, it won’t fall.”

(Mao Tse­tung)

“The world is progressing, the future is bright and no one can change this general trend of history. We should carry on constant propaganda among the people on the facts of world progress and the bright future ahead so that they will build their confidence in victory.”

(Mao Tse­tung)

The youth revolts are the harbingers of the uprise of proletarian revolution in the imperialist centers!

We welcome the international conference to the 10th anniversary of youth revolts in the banlieues of Paris. We also welcome the comrades’ initiative, which enable this conference and made an important step towards international unity of revolutionary forces, as well as for the development of revolutionary and communist youth movement, as indispensable element of worldwide proletarian revolution. The youth revolts in France, Great Britain, Sweden and Ferguson, are burned deeply in the memory of the struggling masses, as unforgotten examples for the uprising of proletarian class struggle in the imperialist centers.

They have excellently refuted the revisionist argument of “absent” class struggle in Europe, as well as the argument of the absolute strength of the imperialists over their “own” proletarians and masses. The revolts of forward striving youth are harbingers of bigger struggles of the proletarians and suppressed people. The youth is representing the new, the storm –no wonder that all opportunists, revisionists and their helpers hate the rebellion of the proletarian youth so deeply and try to discredit and sabotage them – because their whole existence is fully based on the old, imperialist world system. If we look at the current world situation, we see that it is characterized by a deep economic and political crisis of imperialist world system. This crisis is based on the inner contradictions of imperialism, which get manly deepened through the struggles of oppressed people and nations against imperialism, guided through the worldwide proletarians.

An important role in the revolutionary struggle of the masses plays the youth. In Europe the struggle of the youth has a long and great tradition. The earliest forms of organized youth struggle, as part of proletarian class struggle, developed in Austria, during the bourgeois democratic revolution of 1848. In different quality the socialist youth organizations spread out in many countries, which represented the youth as one of the most active and vital force of proletarian movement. The first big milestone of the international communist youth movement, as part of the proletarian world revolution, was fulfilled with the foundation of the Young Communist International (YCI) in 1919. The YCI was built up on the basis of conscious organizing the youth against First World War and for proletarian revolution. Within it is a great experience for mobilizing the proletarian youth against todays urging danger of one more world war, which can only be prevented by making revolution.

As great second and finally most important milestone we have to accept the Great Proletarian Culture Revolution (GPCR). The GPCR recognized the revolutionary youth as important force of ongoing revolution in socialism, and so it got to a shining example of worldwide youth moment. Like we accept that the “Success of Revolution depends on the participation of women.”, the revolutionary and communist forces also have to see, that the proletarian youth is a significant part of a victorious revolution too, as well as for the continuation of revolution in socialism. This is a truth of Marxism.

“Isn’t it natural, that in our rows, in the party of revolution, the youth is prevailing? We are the party of the future, and the future belongs to the youth. We are the party of the innovators, and the youth will always follow the innovators. We are the party of devoting struggle against the old rot, and the youth will always be ready as first for the devoting struggle.” (Engels)

In the light of the experience of the historical proletarian struggle, which build the common basis for the development of all­ powerful ideology of proletariat, Maoism, the third, last and highest step of Marxism, we can say for today’s youth movement, 167 years after the first steps of organizing the revolutionary youth: The tools to make the youth to an driving force of proletarian revolution are already in our hands! Let‘s take and use them! The youth revolts in the imperialist countries prove the general tendency towards revolution all over the world. There are a few important lessons we can take out of them:

The struggle of the youth was based on the usage of justified violence. We will not even move forward for one single step, without recognizing the violence as good, and without developing it to a new and higher step. The principle „resolve the problem through war“ have to be used. The struggling youth is representing the „deepest and broadest masses“, which are a driving force of proletarian revolution. The masses learn in their struggle to differ friend from enemy, and we have seen, that the rebelling youth recognized the revisionists and opportunists as their enemies, because they represent the bourgeois‘ interests in the rows of mass movement. The line of all communist forces only will be acknowledged as revolutionary, when they understand to integrate with the broad masses and march forward together. The revolutionary and communist forces have to develop the communist youth, based on the unity with the broad masses, on an revolutionary program and with revolutionary violence.

Maoism teaches us: “The real Marxist­-Leninist (­Maoist.) Parties and all revolutionary forces have to enthusiastically support the revolutionary actions of the masses, they have to step to the top of the mass movement resolutely and guide the masses forward.” To fully develop the struggle of the youth as part of proletarian revolution, the development of the subjective forces in Europe, whose mission today is the reconstitution of the Communist Party and to lead revolution by people’s war, under guidance of Maoism, has to be forwarded with all our strength.

Once again we warmly welcome this international meeting. In our few, there is much to learn out of the youth revolts as well as out of the meeting today, what we need to make a step forward, towards the strengthening of communist youth movement. Although we are a relative small organization, we have to take effort, to organize youth work better and more systematic as before. In Austria the struggles of proletarian youth are still little developed, but especially the youth revolts in Sweden had shown clearly, that the class­ development happens in leaps, and so it is an urgent task for us today to get integrated with the broad masses of the youth. We are confident about our success, and our contribution to move forward proletarian world revolution, if we hold up, defend and use Maoism and if we trust in our own strength.

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and oppressed people, unite!

Long live proletarian internationalism !

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