LARF on execution of Barsimantov-1982


We the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions, we address all those who condemn terror and terrorism, all those who campaign for the abolition of this society of exploitation and war.

We executed Yacov BARSIMANTOV.

The imperialist press and governments that support imperialism, like the French government, cry “terrorism”.

Who are the terrorists? Those who kill a young West Bank resident because he resisted the annexation of his country by Israel, those who are bombing civilians in South Lebanon, those who kill indiscriminately and dare to claim a pseudo “ceasefire”. We are attacking those organizing the genocide of the Palestinian people. We save the lives of innocents even at the peril of our own security.

For seven years the Lebanese people have suffered war. For seven years imperialism under the guise of the fight against “Palestinian fanatics” has destroyed all that is progressive in Lebanon.

It is our right to defend ourselves.

It is also our right to attack imperialism wherever it operates and in particular where it enjoys the policy support of the government in place.

We will continue our war against imperialist war until victory.

Down with American imperialism and its European mercenaries.

Victory or Victory.

Lebanese Revolutionary Army Faction

Paris, April 7, 1982

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