Communist Party of Philippines at 2015 International Meeting


Dear comrades, Red Greetings from the Communist Party of the Philippines!

We would like to welcome the holding of this conference on the theme of the revolt of the Banlieues in 2005. During this revolt, which took place ten years ago, we could see the potential of the youth revolt of the Banlieues, that gives us an interesting reflection on the possibility and forms that could have a people’s war in an imperialist country. It also shown how a vanguard party was important to channel and guide this revolt, this is why more than ever we support the process that follows the Bloc Rouge in its creation of equalitative party.

Long live the Revolutionnary Youth !

Long live International Solidarity !

Isulong ang Sosyalistang Rebolusyon !

Red greetings from Pilipino comrades from Paris!

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