Nepal Maoist Clippings 2/1/2016


Rumours of revival of underground movement; unrest in Nepal’s Maoist splinter groups 

Rumours of revival of underground movement; unrest in Nepal’s Maoist splinter groups In a move that may may bring the current political dispensation to a new threat, a splinter group of the Maoist Party announced the revival of the “peoples government”, with a message that another “armed insurgency” may be round the corner. Maoist group led by Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplab’, a fierce commander from the decade-long insurgency that ended in 2006 with the Maoists deciding to join the peace process, decided to form the “peoples council”, an equivalent of the “peoples government” since dissolved, at the end of a secret meeting held some three weeks ago in the capital.

A senior functionary of the group told ENS that “conveners” for provincial and district level councils have been formed, and further course of actions would be decided soon. The news about revival of the council follows series of complaints lodged “unofficially” with the police by many individuals that they are being “threatened of dire consequences if they did not comply to the request for donation by the group” indicating that the Maoists-era extortion campaign is also back.

The Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists that joined the peace process in April 2006 has since split into five groups, but Biplab’s is the group that has revived guerrilla training, and has now announced formation of the council. Baburam Bhattarai, second-in-command in the party all these years and a former Prime Minister, quit the party but is now busy building a “third force” apparently with a non-communist ideology. There are speculations that the Maoists did not “hand over” their entire armoury when they joined the peace process, and a substantial part of it was “hidden” under the supervision of Biplab.

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