Prison Branch of PFLP marks 48th anniversary with clandestine events inside prisons


December 30th 2015

The Prison Branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organized a number of clandestine activities inside the occupation prisons marking the 48th anniversary of the founding of the PFLP.

This included the distribution, reading and presentation of the statement of imprisoned General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat on the anniversary of the Front’s founding, in addition to greetings and salutes from the representatives of all the other struggling factions imprisoned commemorating the founding of the Front. These events emphasized the importance of Palestinian national unity and support for the intifada, with a focus on the leading role of the prisoners’ movement as an essential component of the overall Palestinian liberation movement.

The PFLP Prison Branch also organized sports competitions in the recreation yards, cultural competitions, and the issuance of a special magazine, as well as events with the rest of the Palestinian prisoners.

In a statement, the Prison Branch said that the anniversary of the founding of the Front must be a point for assessing our performance in the implementation of our program of struggle for liberation, and an opportunity to benefit from the lessons from our 48 years of struggle and sacrifice, over which the PFLP has seen more than 5,000 killed, tens of thousands of prisoners and wounded, an honorable march of history that inspires our loyalty to those who have come before and laid out a path of struggle.

The Prison Branch also urged the need for a mass movement in support of the prisoners’ movement, which is being subjected to a systematic campaign by the Israeli Prison Service to repress prisoners even further, deny them their funds and most basic rights, emphasizing that prisoners will not remain silent on these attacks and that the days to come will be marked by escalating steps of struggle.


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