Free the 23 Papuan students arrested by the Metropolitan Police of Jakarta!-ILPS Indonesia


We denounce the forced dissolution of a peaceful action by the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) and the detention of 23 students by agents of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police

ILPS Indonesia

Free the 23 Papuan students arrested by the Metropolitan Police of Jakarta!

Stop the violations of human rights, intimidation, terror, militarization, criminalization, assault with firearms and other policies of oppression!

This December 19, 2015, the Mobile Brigade and a regional unit of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police arrested 23 Papuan students (AMP) in a commemoration of the Trikora, known as the Operation for the Liberation of West Irian on December 19, 1961.

According to the statements issued, the planned action would be peaceful. However, when the protest was about to begin in front of the palace, the participating masses were immediately surrounded and dispersed. To dissolve the demonstration by force, after eight protesters were arrested, the police continued raids in the streets and arrested students who were still in the streets. At the time of issuing this statement, the arrested protesters totaled 23 people.

The forced dissolution of this peaceful demonstration and detention of protesters, as well as various acts of violence, intimidation and prohibition of expression carried out against the people have clearly demonstrated the fascist, anti-democratic and anti-dissent character of the Jokowi regime. In particular in Papua, the actions of the government through the police apparatus, including the forced dissolution and the detention of 306 Papuan students earlier in December, are a expression of the government against the people of Papua always facing the question of separatism.

However, considering the government’s actions during the 54 years following the East Irian Liberation Operation (Trikora) 1961, all their natural resources have been exploited while their people still live in poverty and starvation. At the same time, in the name of defending the country and the protection of the Unitary State of Indonesia (NKRI), the government continues the policy of oppression against the people of Papua. Every day there take place a series of acts of violence, criminalization, repression and various forms of violation of human rights against the people of Papua. The people of Papua have never experienced true freedom. Even less a prosperous, just and sovereign life.


By submitting to the interests of imperialism, the Indonesian government continues to plunder the natural resources of Papa, mainly through the extraction of gold and minerals for the multinational Freeport and the construction of the megaproject Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) ,as well as various forms of plunder and pillage of other natural resources. This reality, besides the black color of the skin and curly hair, poverty, human rights violations and attacks with firearms have created a unique identity for the people of Papua. Thus, the objective scientific reality has laid the foundation of the people’s aspirations for a independent Papua, which then become politicized as charges of separatism by the government of Indonesia.

In various actions to meet the demands of the people of Papua, the government not only ignores but also violates human rights. Nor respecting the right to self-determination. The ILPS-Indonesia believes that the people’s aspirations for independence of Papua the right to self-determination is a true expression of the people of Papua who have been treated like colonized people. If the government’s position does not change, if the violation of social, economic, political and cultural and other democratic rights continues and the people are still seen as a threat and an enemy, then the calls and cries of the people of several other regions in Indonesia for independence will spread rapidly. Because, in general, they also face the various types of dispossession and political repression suffered by the people of Papua.

Therefore, the Indonesian people must realize that the suffering of the people of Papua is really the same suffered by the people in other parts of the country. Similarly, it has also now time for the people of Papua to realizes that the people in all corners of the country experience the same suffering. Therefore, in order to combat all forms of exploration and policies of dispossession and oppression by the State against the people of Indonesia at this time, all the people, those living in Papua, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara as well as those living in the most remote and isolated small islands must unite together and promote common struggle.

All the people should unify all their anger, hatred and aspirations for true independence and sovereignty in leading the resistance against imperialism and its henchmen in Indonesia, namely the landowners, the big comprador bourgeois and bureaucratic capitalist regime in order to fight and destroy the enemy.

Based in the opinion expressed above, the ILPS-Indonesia condemns the forced dissolution of the peaceful action of the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) and the detention of 23 students by agents of the Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police. The ILPS-Indonesia condemns all forms of violence and other human rights violations committed by the State against the people of Papua and all the people of Indonesia and considers it as a tangible manifestation of the fascist oppression of the Jokowi government. The ILPS-Indonesia supports the just struggle of the people of Papua against any form of oppressive state policy against the people of Papua and all the Indonesian people.

ILPS-Indonesia also demands:

Free the 23 Papuan students arrested by the Jakarta Police.

Stop human rights violations and other forms of political repression (intimidation, terror, militarization, etc.) in Papua, and support the struggle for justice of the people of Papua.

Terminate the contract with the company Freeport Indonesia which is harmful to the people of Papua, in particular, and that is a betrayal of the government selling natural resources to US imperialism .

Providing freedom of expression and of opinion, stop violence and violations of human rights against all the people of Indonesia who are fighting for their fundamental economic, political, social and cultural rights.

Stop the appropriation and monopolization of the land by businessmen and large landowners as a way to build an independent, strong and sovereign national industry without the intervention of imperialism.

Reject any US imperialist intervention in Papua and throughout Indonesia, economic, political, cultural and military.

The ILPS-Indonesia also invites the people of Papua and all other oppressed people in Indonesia to join and intensify the common struggle to destroy the class enemies of all the people of Indonesia.

Jakarta, December 19, 2015

International League of Peoples’ Struggle-Indonesia

Rudi HB. Daman


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