SKM statement on police execution of Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter


İSTANBUL – Socialist Women’s Council (SKM)made a statement about Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter who were executed in Gaziosmanpaşa/Istanbul. SKM said, “Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter were executed when they were wounded. The bloody power executes the women to cow into submission. But the socialist women chose the resistence not submission.”

The police Anti-Terror Branch of Istanbul made a operation to a home in Karadeniz neighborhood of Gaziosmanpaşa. Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter were executed during the raid by saying they were killed ‘during the clash’. SMK made a statement about the execution. In the statement is said , “Fascist regime of the palace does not get enough blood. They are massacring dozens of people to break the will of self-government. The Palace changes into armed gangs an it kills revolutionary,socialist and patriotic people each day. Today two socialist women were executed. The socialist women were executed by the Palace and its power the AKP.”

In the statement also said , “The fascist junta of palace is executing the Kurdish women in Kurdistan and they are executing the socialist women in the West but they should know that they can not finish us with executing and killing us. We will demolish your palace.The women’s anger and the organization will demolish your palace. The comrades Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter are immortal! Revolutionary martyrs are immortal!”

Via Jinha News

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