19 members of SGDF and ESP have been taken into custody-MLKP


On 4th December 2015 19 members of SGDF and ESP have been taken into custody in several cities, but especially in İstanbul and Amed. The method of taking into custody and imprisonments of revolutionaries are continued. The colonialist fascist regime just recently on 20th July in colaboration with ISIS gangs has massacred 33 revolutionary youth of SGDF and hurt dozens of them in the Kurdish city Suruç. Today, the regime arrests those, it could not murder and hurt that day. It tries to silence the revolutionary youth with the methods of fear, threatening and intimidation.

Among those taken into custody there are the socialist youth Şerife Erbay, Çağdaş Küçükbattal, İlke Başak Baydar and Oğuz Yüzgeç as well as Fethiye Ok, member of ESP’s Central Leading Body and Soner Çiçek, who is ESP chairman in Amed. This attack forms part of a fascist attack concept against the socialist and Kurdish freedom movement, which is being realized since July 2015. These attacks continue in Kurdistan with curfew, murder on the street, assassination attempts, disappearing and arresting. On 28th November Amed chamber’s chairman was murdered by the police.

Lately attempts to also assassinate the HDP co-chairmen S. Demirtaş and F. Yüksekdağ were made. Today dozens of resisting Kurdish civilians are murdered in Kurdish towns as Silvan, Nusaybin, Derik, Cizre and Sur with police’ and soldiers’ bullets. Activists are taken into custody on a huge scale and political Genocide is committed.

In SGDF’s Central Leading Body’s declaration we find the following lines: ‘… You cannot stop us through murder and arrest. You cannot defeat us with the palace’s dirty war. Our path is the path of freedom, the path of freeing humanity. You cannot make us leave this path. You will be called to account for Suruç.’

The colonialist regime has started a total attack against the revolutionary vanguard forces. Against the fascist bestiality and attacks determined resistance is put up; especially in Kurdistan. We call all communist, revolutionary and progressive forces and parties in the region and the world, to support this resistance, to organize protests in front of the Turkish Republic’s embassies.

Long live revolution and socialism!

Long live the international struggle!

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