PCm Italy on events in France: December 2015


France…Le Pen’s National Front advances

Hollande votes SARKOZY,

What is the response of communists? What is the way forward for the masses?

Reformism serves reaction, modern fascism is the only solution of imperialism in its war against the people. Modern fascism cannot be ended through the electoral road, but only by rooting oneself in the proletariat and the people and taking the path of people’s war.

War and modern fascism demand popular rebellion starting from the militarized and criminalized banlieues. The People’s War, from the periphery to the center,from the Parisian suburbs of the metropolis to the Paris of the bosses,of the rich and the middle and lower bourgeoisie, with a reconstituted proletarian and communist leadership, is the only strategic solution for the popular masses, the only alternative to the penetration and action of reactionary and fascist Islamic fundamentalist elements.

The PCF and the ‘French extreme left’ are not the solution, but part of the problem. The Front de Gauche who voted for Hollande’s state of emergency, with PCOF in support, are not part of the workers and Communist movement, but chains of social democracy serving reaction.

To take a stand against fascism, the war and the regime, gathering in one’s own ranks, forces which ‘in the name of terrorism’ give way to state fascism and ‘mass’ fascism, means only opportunism and confusion in the ranks of the proletariat, the youth and the people; this is not the united front, nor the anti-fascist front and this is the policy of the false Maoists of VP.

The Maoists in France should stay out of this confusing opportunist quagmire, but must apply self-criticism to the concrete reality, building the Party, United Front and combatant Forces here and now, in the heat of the class struggle, in close liaison with the masses, starting from the banlieus – as the internationalist meeting in Paris on 21 November clearly indicated – the unity between the proletariat of the imperialist countries like France and peoples oppressed by imperialism – primarily those bombarded by France, is built on the universal road of people’s war and not through ideological confusion – see the position on Rojava.

The imperialist war can be stopped, only if the people’s war advances!

Against the advancing modern fascism, now and forever Resistance!

Resistance must serve the initiation of people’s war.

Maoist Communist Party – Italy December 2015

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