Evo’s reelection, a necessary strategic step in the deepening of imperialist penetration


Analysis and Opinion


The recent tour in November by Evo Morales of the US and European countries to offer this country to imperialist big capital is the main reason why the MAS is attempting the presidential reelection of this former coca farmer leader. In other words, the election is a mechanism for the legitimization of the MAS government program of imperialist penetration.

The native landowners and private business allied with Evo Morales much earlier. Just examine the development of the so-called Agenda 2025 which is officially a contribution of domestic capitalists, or agreements with landowners (including agro-industrial capitalists) which are almost always to postpone the review of the Social Economic Function (FES) of the lands they own.

MAS and Evo Morales need only to ensure the continuity of their program or state project of greater presence of imperialist capital. That is what is at stake. The Sumitomo in San Cristobal, San Bartolome undermining the Cerro Rico, Gazprom, Repsol, PetroAndina, etc., even entering protected areas, Samsung building the urea plant, dozens of Chinese companies involved in roads and hydrocarbons. Imperialist capital has only grown in its presence in this country.

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