The hood is the face of the people in struggle-FDLP

CAPUCHA frente de defensa de luchas del pueblo fdlp-ec

-Rush draft translation by Signalfire

November 22nd 2015

The organizational, ideological and political demobilization of the popular and trade union organizations in the country is not only favored by the fascist regime of Correa but also by revisionism and the electoral opportunism of the self-proclaimed “opposition”.

It is common knowledge that trade unions, popular organizations and some political parties like the PCE (so-called), socialists, the MIR, the Alfaros … have colluded with the fascist regime to deploy the landlord-bureaucratic and corporatist reform process required to neutralize popular organization and struggle so they can realize their objectives.

However, other organizations led by ” other leftists “, who call from the opposition for mass mobilizations with electoral-bureaucratic interests are tending to push the people to continue traveling the intricacies of the road of bourgeois-landlord constitutional democracy , which is the road of reaction and imperialism.

In the recent mobilization of November 11, of workers led by the Imbabura Frente de Defensa de los Derechos de los Trabajadores whose elements of identity involve, among other things the absence of elements committed to electoral voracity in their ranks,there was a march of protest against constitutional amendments and other measures deployed by the anti popular regime of the Alianza País. In the province of Imbabura both the regime and revisionism have lost the ability to set the agenda. If opposition is expressed as a mass reaction the intentions of the opportunist and revisionist leadership spewing its electioneering interests gradually come to light and their calls only exhaust and ideologically demobilize the masses.

In the city of Quito it is no different. The opposition is neutralized somewhat by a pro-government mobilization. The capacity of the masses to attend the call for mobilization of either of these two expressions of bureaucracy shows a loss of resonance among the people. This is important and we must highlight it.

It must be stressed that the revisionists who are so-called opposition leaders and parasites on our own unions and popular and peasant organization persecute the popular fighters committed to the class and the people who in demonstrations cover their faces with scarves or balaclavas. The wretched leadership denounces them to repression under the spurious argument that they are “infiltrators” who want to ” violate the struggle of social movements .”

They are the same revisionist leaders  who collaborate with the police and set limits on marches and do not to allow rebellion to take its course towards escalating levels of militancy and struggle and are responsible for leaving the masses mired in mere musical troupes as a response to the threat of fascism and its punitive instrument, the new comprehensive criminal code.

The regime was worried and scared because by these hooded demonstrations. And this is understandable. Other organization among the people see such militancy. That frightens them. In their ranks there are “leaders” on the left and revolutionary organizations today domesticated who know no power on earth can stop militant masses with high development and correct ideological direction.

The revisionism and opportunism of the opposition is also frightened in the same way. It is also understandable. Why? The opportunistic leaders do not want the fight to have this basis and direction, so they end up colluding with repression and the regime’s efforts to neutralize the growing popular struggle.

The hood is the manifestation of rebellion and popular discontent it is the face of the people in struggle.

But the heights of opportunism and revisionism go further. They encourage their base to capture the “hooded” to isolate the militant, those who paint slogans, those who want to firmly combat the repressive forces of the regime and its supporters.

It is urgent to stop and combat the opportunism of these “rebels with white gloves “. They go about brush in hand to erase the combative expression of the people. Today they go further: they are the new watchmen of the regime within the marches of the people.

We cannot tolerate and accept the faintheartedness of the leadership of the opposition. We must strengthen the popular struggle and incite and embody the need of the masses to be more decisive in confronting the fascist regime.

We need to shake the country and the government, to understand that the strategy of opposing masses led by putrid revisionism against rebellious masses; and upholding leaders housed in the legal framework who do not want to lose the electoral prospects is not compatible with the requirements of the people.

What do we need? Union and popular organizations with upright leaders, honest and deeply identified with the interests of the class and the people.

What must we do? Identify and combat the false popular and union leaders. Unmask them before the masses. Develop popular organization and mobilization qualitatively and quantitatively. So the regime feels the impact of combatant men and women with revolutionary class consciousness, not dependent upon electoral calculations and aware that only with organization, mobilization and struggle are rights defended and freedoms won.

Do not give space to the lethargy of lambs! We will organize the blockade of streets and roads. We will conduct demonstrations which express the vivacity and strength of the class that is willing to fight beyond the limits set by the old state, repression and the false and corroded old-style union leadership.








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