November roundup of millitant actions in the FRG


 List compiled by the comrades of Dem Volk Dienen

29.11.2015: Berlin Senate social work office attacked with paint and stones in response to state policy against refugees.

27.11.2015: Street fighting with police, car arsons in Berlin-Friedrichshain in response to arrest.

Uncertain date: Hackers shutdown communications systems of two Berlin police stations.

26.11.2015: Spanish Consulate in Munich tagged with paint in response to the Operation Pandora raids.

26.11.2015: Paint attack on racist fraternity in Marburg.


24.11.2015: Arson attack on fascist owned company in Berlin.

22.11.2015: Graffiti and arson attack on racist fraternity in Wurzburg.

21.11.2015: Glass broken at Mannheim police station in retaliation for violent repression of anti-fascists.

21.11.2015: Street clashes between police and anti-fascists at NPD event in Mannheim. Several injuries and 125 arrests.


18.11.2015: NPD local office tagged with paint in Hessen.

18.11.2015: Fascist loud speaker car arsoned in Berlin.

15.11.2015: Paint attack on war memorial in Kiel.

15.11.2015: Vandalism of fascist politcian’s home in Heidelburg.

10.11.2015: Windows broken at state office in Leipzig in support of refugees.

10.11.2015: Cars owned by Gegenbauer,ISS and Thyssen Krupp firebombed in Berlin.

8.11.2015: Bundeswehr showroom tagged with paint in Berlin.

6.11.2015: Cars of two NPD officials attacked in Mannheim.

5.11.2015: Windows of AfD party office smashed in Berlin.

2.11.2015: Seizure of fascist property in Gniebel.

1.11.2015: Car of fascist owned company firebombed in Magdeburg.


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