Manipur Peoples’ Solidarity to the UN International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People



We, the volunteers of the Manipur Students’ Association Delhi and Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur) and other like-minded individuals, in response to the Global Call to Action on the Occasion of the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, have gathered here today, in Delhi, on 29th November 2015, to express our solidarity to the Palestinian people’s continuing resistance against US-Zionist occupation of Palestine and the violation of the democratic rights.

We stand with the Palestinian diaspora who exercise their full rights and responsibilities to defend their people and their land. The current struggle in all of Palestine is the struggle of all people who want to see peace with justice in a liberated Palestine, a stand against colonialism in all its forms and manifestations. We stand with Palestinian leader, Rasmea Odeh, currently living in the United States and resisting the attacks of US imperialism against her right to live and serve her community in Chicago, Illinois.

The struggle for a free Palestine and justice and freedom for Rasmea are inextricably linked in fighting US imperialism and US-backed Zionist occupation of Palestine. We call on the end of all attacks of Palestinian leaders and an immediate release of all the Palestinian political prisoners in Palestine and across the world. The questions of the rights to self-determination of the Palestinians and other oppressed peoples, including the people of Manipur, have not been addressed. This must be addressed on the basis of the universal principles of democratic rights and the aspirations of the peoples who wish to enjoy the rights to self-determination.

We share the voice of the Palestinian resistance. We condemn the continuous illegal occupation of all Palestinian lands by Israel and US funding for the Zionist troops. We denounce the Zionist crimes and complicity of their allies. We continue to struggle to break the isolation of the Palestinians under occupation.

Support the Palestinian resistance!

Free all Palestinian political prisoners!

Support the right to return of Palestinian refugees!

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