The elections of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 7th June 2015 put an end to the 13-years-lasting AKP dictatorship. T. Erdogan and the AKP experienced a huge defeat. The Kurdish Freedom Movement and the HDP , the united democratic front of the revolutionary movement, achieved an election victory with 13.2% overtrumping the 10% barrier of the regime. The expectations of T. Erdogan to become president in a “Turkish manner” came to nothing. The AKP’s electoral defeat became his defeat, too. T. Erdogan and the AKP didn’t accept the election results.

And after 8th June they started to plan a “re-election”. When the negotiations on forming a coalition weren’t successful, T. Erdogan decided to go for a “re-election” using his authority. The “re-election” happened on 1st November. Mayhem, stress, the forming of fronts, fear, threat and lack of knowledge; in these elections that happened under reactionary inner and abroad conditions the AKP received 49, 4%, the CHP 25,1%, the MHP 11,9% and the HDP 10,8%. T. Erdogan, the sultan of the castle, and the AKP could manage to receive 9% more of the votes and got the majority to form the government on their own. The role of the reactionary war within and abroad the country, imperialist forces and smaller reactionary-fascist powers in Turkey play an important role in this “electoral victory” of the AKP.

The fascist generals and the state bureaucracy supported T. Erdogan and the AKP, because the AKP had formed an alliance with the military clique by agreeing on the attack concept on the Kurdish liberation movement and on the release of the imprisoned generals. The army terrorized the people in the Kurdish cities by announcing marital law, curfew, siege, massacre and arrests. Following the 13 years lasting dictatorship of the AKP and the attacks on F. Gülen, the AKP protected the political support of the police, judiciary and media. During the electoral period fascist propaganda mainly by T. Erdogan, tactics on organizing, slogan and attacks were practiced; fascist methods and means were used. The president met with muhtars, shopkeepers, taxi drivers, village guards, religious men, tribe leaders at his castle. The presidency secretly transferred money to them and make these forces be on their side.

The MHP demanded a re-election. Maybe this party lost, but the fascist regime won. And on the Kurdish question, the AKP came to the MHP’s position. That was the point important for the MHP. The CHP showed once more that it is just a crutch. It spoke to the leader of the General Stuff on the dirty war in Kurdistan and approved the dirty war law. The AKP in Turkey, where a government and regime crisis is obvious, which is a member of the NATO, was supported by the USA and the EU imperialists to hinder this crisis becoming a revolution and the ongoing war in the Middle East. The agreement of the USA and Turkey on Incirlik was a product of the regional profits and needs of the US and EU.

The USA gave the go-ahead for the bombings and attacks in North Kurdistan and Kandil. It also approved to give Turkey new war planes. The EU imperialists openly supported Turkey with the visit of Merkel before the elections, the meeting of the current EU-chairman and Erdogan, postponing the EU Progress Report Turkey containing critics, and the lie “violation of human rights” spread by Amnesty International on Rojava. In terms of the massacres in Suruc and Ankara that were realised by the fascist regime the AKP government offered commiserations. This situation also shows the fake character of bourgeois politics in relation with peace, democracy, freedom and human rights. The attacks on the HDP that started before 7th June in Mersin and Adana were continued.

Massacres happened in Amed, Suruc and Ankara. Hundreds of revolutionaries, socialists, Kurdish-patriots and labourers lost their lived due to the IS bombings. Hundreds were injured. More than 400 HDP buildings were set on fire and murder attempts on the co-leaders of the HDP were discovered. The fascist regime and the AKP government are the forces that organised, prepared and realised these massacres. Due to massive massacre threats the HDP couldn’t continue with electoral work and organise rallies. The electoral campaign of all other parties except the AKP was limited, too. It was only the AKP that could lead an electoral campaign supported by the army and police. On 1st November T. Erdogan and the AKP was for getting its expected result with mayhem, threats and fear.

Just like the fascist junta received 92% of the votes in 1983 to approve the constitution, the castle coup and the AKP’s dictatorship made it get 49,5% of the votes. The AKP’s attack methods show similarities with the IS. Pictures of mass massacres, the picture of a naked dead body of a female guerilla, the fact that soldiers stamp with their feet on dead guerilla bodies and take pictures, dragging a dead guerilla body behind a police vehicle, and holding a gun towards the head of journalists are inhuman ongoings and especially these pictures are shown to the country’s and world’s publicity. Bourgeois oppositional powers were scared with fear and attacks. Attacks on the F. Gulen movement, the Dogan media group, the newspaper Cumhuriyet are being continued.

The Kurdish youth and guerilla in Kurdistan resisted against the tyranny of the colonial fascist regime. In those cities where democratic self-government was announced the attacks were pushed back. The scary and dirty war couldn’t make the Kurdish people that are in the process of becoming revolutionary step backwards. The Kurdish people bravely voted again for the HDP. However, in some Kurdish cities where the resistance is weaker and in Turkish metropolites, the HDP lost votes. The HDP leaders, activists and employees faced political genocide operations by being arrested and imprisoned. With the re-election on 1st November, the HDP was planned to not receive the 10% border.

Despite all attacks the HDP received 11% of the votes and had 59 deputies and the vote of 5 million people. By that the HDP showed that it is a resisting democratic party and as a political party it will follow a militant line in parliament and on the streets. The HDP is an organisational platform that emphasizes on the revolutionary dynamic and potential against fascism and capital and leads to struggle. It is the 30-years-lasting guerilla war and the Kurdish people’s serhildan s in masses that make the HDP remain at this revolutionary line.

And again it is also our party MLCP‘s revolutionary militant line and war. Another factor is the Rojava revolution, the resistance in Kobane and its direct effects. Political developments point towards heavy clashes and a clash on will in the class struggle. The new government that will be founded will continue with its reactionary war politics within the country and abroad. The counterrevolutionary force will be used against the working class and oppressed. The HDP will continue to be the address of the united revolutionary democratic struggle after the elections, too. And today, it faces the political and historical duties of the struggle for the revolution and freedom.

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