PFLP mourns Comrade Khaled Jawabra and vows to continue the resistance


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine joins the masses of our people in mourning the son of Palestine, former prisoner and our martyred Comrade Khaled Mahmoud Jibrin Jawabreh, of Al-Arroub refugee camp north of occupied Al-Khalil, 20 years old, killed by occupation forces on Thursday evening, November 26, as youth in the camp confronted their invasion of the camp.

The PFLP saluted the heroic martyr, praising his commitment to struggle, his courage, and his determination to confront the occupier; a former prisoner, he spent more than two years in Zionist prisons, all of his brothers have been arrested and imprisoned, and his brother Samed, is currently imprisoned in Zionist jails. The Popular Front has great pride in the struggling Jawabra family, who have given many martyrs, wounded, and prisoners of war in the struggle for freedom.

The PFLP emphasizes, for itself and for all of the forces of resistance, that it will not retreat from the path of intifada and resistance. The Front confirms that the assassinations and killings will not stop the flames of the popular uprising; the Palestinian people are determined and will continue until the defeat of the occupation and the achievement of their full rights. The Front pledges to the martyr Comrade Khaled Jawabra and all the martyrs of our people that their blood has not been shed in vain.

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