Statement of Maoist Communist Party Manipur-November 21st


21st November,International Meeting at France,

The world is in a state of quandary after the Paris Massacre which claimed hundreds of innocent lives. This carnage is the product of the military interventions which was spearheaded by the USA, UK, France and other European countries in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and elsewhere. Imperialist countries organize such “conspiracies” to consolidate the mandate of using naked disproportionate aggression against the people and other nation. So we must condemn the Imperialist Countries who created and supported the ISIS against the people and against those who intervened to their interests, profits, oil, and geopolitical control of strategic areas of the world. It is the imperialist, Fascist governments who are most to be blame for such Mindless Bloodbath.

Let’s remember and compare how Kurdish freedom fighters in Kobani fights against ISIS and How the Imperialist destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. Paris Massacre is a new dramatic and dangerous development to legalize the air-strikes in the name of Democracy and Justice to suppress the genuine revolutionary movement around the globe. It is a new policy which becomes more and more aggressive against the peoples and the working class in order to overcome its crisis. We can see the same process in India, after the successes of Brahmanical Hindu-fascist represented by BJP at the helm of the Government approving air strikes against Indian Maoist.

In the mid of such political mayhem, we are very happy to know that an International Meeting of the Maoist will be held on the 21st November 2015 in France under the aegis of Maoist Communist Party-Italy and Bloc Rouge(Unification of the Maoist) in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the revolt in the Banlieus. Our party which carries forward the legacy of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot had always considered the new democratic revolution that we are preparing in Manipur as an integral part of the world socialist revolution, the party a vanguard contingent of the world proletariat. We are immensely happy for this great significant development initiated by Maoist Communist Party- Italy and Bloc Rouge (Unification of the Maoist)- France. We,the Manipur Maoist, extend our sincere greetings on the occasion and wish the occasion a grand success.

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Yawolna Yaifare.

Maoist Communist Party-Manipur.

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