MLKP Commander Sarya: Only a matter of time before we reach Hol


Hêvî Sarya, one of the commanders of the MLKP’s Martyr Serkan Battalion, who is taking part in the Hol Offensive which has been initiated to mop up the south of Hesekê, commented on the success of the advance saying it’s “only a matter of time before we reach Hol”.

Etkin Haber Ajansi / 13 November 2015 Friday, 15:58

ROJAVA (Rakel Asiman)- The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in the process of an operation to mop up the south of Hesekê from the fascist ISIS gangs, is now on the verge of liberating the strategic town of Hol.

The Til Hamis and Hesekê wings of the quickly advancing liberation forces have taken the siege of the town, with fighters having advanced to a distance shorter than two kilometres from the town as ISIS, who are preparing to flee have begun setting fire to the oil wells.

Hêvî Sarya, one of the commanders of the MLKP’s Martyr Serkan Battalion, who is taking part in the coordination of the Hol Offensive, evaluated the strategically important operation to ETHA. Sarya explained thus: “It’s an offensive to encircle Hesekê. It’s located in an important place, both geographically and strategically as far as the clearing out of the ISIS menace from Rojava/Kurdistan is concerned. We have won important victories. We, the forces of the YPG-YPJ and the MLKP are moving forward mopping up the gangs village by village. Our goal is to seize important regions for ISIS and the places where they are headquartered. With this offensive, we’re going to advance directly to Hol.”

Sarya explained how MLKP fighters were in each of the three wings of the offensive, “In the emplacements of the Hesekê, Til Hamis, and Hesekê wings, we are engaged in armed combat. At the same time, we are involved in coordination in the offensive’s Hesekê wing.”



Explaining the strategic importance of the offensive in terms of its repulsion of ISIS, Hêvî Sarya also noted the great importance of the offensive from the perspective of the promise made to the Rojava martyrs. Hêvî Sarya noted the special importance of the victory of the offensive for the peoples and women who had suffered under ISIS fascism: “This offensive is a demand for accountability for the women and all of our oppressed Kurdish, Yezidi, Turkmen, Arab, Assyrian, and Armenian people who suffered and endured sexual violence under ISIS oppression.”


Emphasising the arduous struggle of the offensive and the continual breaking of ISIS’s resistance with each passing day, Hêvî Sarya said that the fighters were in good spirits. MLKP Commander Sarya continued: “In the Martyr Rûbar offensive of Qamışlo, the ISIS gangs suffered heavy losses. With this offensive we will drive them back further. With this offensive we will mop up the ISIS gangs totally from Hesekê. ISIS made many attempts to daunt this offensive, but they were all quashed. The tactics of the ISIS gangs are like this. For each village, a group or team tries to hold it. The ISIS gangs cannot put up a great resistance against the determination of the forces of the YPG/YPJ and the MLKP. We will break their resistance very soon.”

Dedicating the march forward to justice for the martyrs of the Hol offensive, MLKP commander Hêvî Sarya said, “On a pertinent note, Comrade Hogir, who came from Canada to defend the Rojava revolution has fallen as a martyr. One of our friends has been wounded. But we have will have taken the position in a matter of hours of fighting.”




MLKP commander Sarya explained that with the Hol offensive, ISIS has lost a great deal of its forces and its line of defense has been broken, “The line in the back is our second line. It’s a strategic region for them. That’s where their oil reserves and headquarters are located. Yesterday in a skirmish in a village we took down more than 15 ISIS thugs. From this village we took a rocket launcher, an RPG, approximately 10 Kalashnikovs and PKs. Also, we took a great number of munitions. Their defenses against our resistance have been broken, they’re retreating. They had a broad line of defense and we have broken that, their second line is about to be broken.”

Hêvî Sarya dedicated the victory to all of the martyrs, “To keep our word to our martyrs we must successfully complete this offensive. This offensive is our answer to imperialism, reaction, and ISIS fascism. It is only a matter of time before we reach Hol.”

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