Source: Shoudu Hongweibing (Red Guard of the capital), organ of Revolutionary Rebel Headquarters of the Red Guards of higher teaching of the capital (affiliated with the Third Headquarters of the capital), no 21, January 10, 1967.

There where there is oppression, there is resistance. Where the repression is more cruel, the struggle is more violent. In our roof-framing work team for the industries of metallurgy, mechanics and electronics in Xi’an, more than 95% of the workers are temporary and contracted. We suffer as much as did our millions of class brothers in the old society. These people in power in the Party who take the capitalist road leave dozens of our class brothers to sleep in a big empty dormitory. No door. No window. Not even a lamp. Once, an old worker got up to piss and fell in a big ditch four meters deep in which bricks had been tossed. He wounded his arm to the bone. His head was bloodied. He was completely bloody. The next day, when the man on guard duty found out, he spoke of him as a dog, saying that it was he who had not paid attention, that it was not a work accident…. He had a thousand and one reasons to prevent him from going to see the doctor. This old worker swallowed his tears and said: “But who is going to take care of the elderly and children in my family?”….

We who carry out roof-framing labor in buildings more than ten meters high, in angles of forty-five degrees—not only do they take no account of our security, but they do not even give us work clothes. They push us to work at the risk of our lives. Each time that we climb up high, we do not think we will come down alive…. Quotations from Chairman Mao, we don’t have it. The Three Classics,[1] we don’t have them. Red Flag editorials, we don’t have them. The demonstrations in support of our brothers in Vietnam? We don’t even have the right to participate in them.

It is thanks to this resentment of tears and blood that—under the leadership of President Mao’s thought—we are rebelling. Upheld by all the forces of the students and revolutionary teachers from the University of Transportation, the University of Industry at Xi’an and other institutions of higher learning, we have courageously brandished the banner of rebellion in order to break this fucking logic that contract workers cannot make revolution. On December 9 of last year, we established our own organization, the Cultural Revolution Committee. With the Cultural Revolution, contract and temporary workers can no longer be laid off or fired at will. We have risen up against the Party Committee, and we have seized the studio that controls the loudspeakers. They were very, very scared. They tried to form a bloc with the Red Terror Group in order to launch repression and persecutions against us. But we have pitilessly crushed them. They were at the end of their resources. They brought low blows against us. They said that the [conditions of work of the] contract and temporary workers were decided by the Center. Very angry, we revealed that these decisions were the fact of the counter-revolutionary revisionist element Liu Shaoqi. These asshole leaders, these hard-as-iron royalists, they remained silent. The enemies felt themselves to be very isolated. They again launched plots, saying that “in three days, all those who participate in the Cultural Revolution Committee must write their self-criticism.” They said that to participate in the Cultural Revolution Committee was to be up to no good, that it was counter-revolutionary. They beat the drum to get all the workers return to the central office in order to discourage, coax, threaten and corrupt us, saying: “If you disown the Cultural Revolution Committee, we can give you a permanent work contract, so that you will have employment security and all the social advantages.” They recruited a certain number of workers. They wanted to annihilate our revolution. But this type of plot is doomed to failure. After that, under the personal leadership of Liu Lantao[2] and Huo Shilian,[3] they set up the tragic incident of Ma Xing of December 27. They laid off thirty four of our class brothers and thus practiced an unheard of political persecution. The people in power from the bourgeoisie, led by Liu and Deng, threw off their hypocritical masks. They took out their butcher knives in order to kill our class brothers.

Dear class brothers, you see: this is the system of contract labor established by the bald Chinese Khrushchev; this is the system of contract labor that the people around Liu and Deng have covered up. The moment all our comrades from the Xi’an region heard the discourse of comrade Jiang Qing last December 26, we cried our eyes out. Let’s raise our fist and shout out: “Long live President Mao! Long live the Chinese Communist Party!”

To carry out the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to the end, we urgently call on contract workers, temporary workers and all the red rebels of all countries: “Contract workers, temporary workers, we must make revolution to the end! We must be the warmongers of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution! Let us use the weapon of Mao Zedong thought to beat down all problems, the whole old system that does not agree with Mao Zedong thought, completely beat down the bourgeois reactionary line of Liu and Deng.”

Revolution is not a crime! The rebellion is legitimate!

Down with Liu Shaoqi! Down with Deng Xiaoping!

Long live the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution!

Long live, long live, long live our great teacher, our great leader, our great commander, our great helmsman: President Mao!

Signed: the contract workers of the Industrial Bureau of Metallurgy, Mechanics and Electronics of Xi’an.

[1] The Three Classics are the three most-read articles by Mao: In Memory of Norman Bethune (1939), Serve the People (1944) and How Yukong Moved the Mountains (1945).

[2]Liu Lantao: thanks to the support of Liu Shaoqi, he takes on high political responsibilities during the war in Shanxi-Chahaer (Hebei). From 1961 to 1963, he occupies the functions of 1st Secretary of the Northwest Bureau of the Party and becomes a deputy member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee starting in 1956. In this connection, he is strongly criticized during the Cultural Revolution, and he is accused of having wanted to establish an independent kingdom in the region that he controls.

[3] Huao Shilian: named, in May 1966, 1st Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Shanxi and, in June, member of the Secretariat of the Northwest Bureau of the Party, he is accused of being an agent of Liu Shaoqi in the northwest in April 1967.


Translation by Maoist Communist Group

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