People’s War in India Clippings 8/11/2015


Maoist Warning to Ayyanna Patrudu

For TDP Ministers of Andhra Pradesh Maoists given shock by giving warning to senior minister, AP Panchayat Raj Minister Chintakayala Ayyanna Patrudu. He got warning letter from Maoist leaders, Maoist sent this letter to Ayanna Patrudu by opposing the Bauxite Mining which TDP government given order recently. Maoist leader has given serious warning to TDP ministers through this letter. The main matter in this letter is they warned Ayanna Patrudu to resign for his Ministry for supporting Bauxite mining otherwise severe actions will be taken on him.

Immediately he has given complaint to police regarding this letter. In front of press Ayanna Patrudu talked like he don’t care the letter but this letter became as discussion in TDP as Maoists kidnapped three mandal level leaders in Visakhapatnam tribal and keeping them as prisoners for long time. All TDP leaders are fearing what will happen in Visakhapatnam

KB enterprises appeals for lifting ban

IMPHAL, November 7: The KB enterprises, a tour operator in the state responsible for the brining of Golden Myanmar Flight, has appealed the Maoist Communist party of Manipur to lift its ban imposed on the firm taking into account the initiative it had taken to put Manipur on the road map of the world. A press conference was convene in this regards today in Imphal wherein the proprietor of KB enterprises, Pangambam Kunjabihari, clarified that the initiative taken by his firm was not sponsored by any Government agencies. He claimed that it was with the initiative of his firm the first international flight (Golden Myanmar Airlines) landed at Imphal Airport on November 21, the inaugural day of Manipur Sangai Festival 2013.

With the landmark event, Imphal Airport was included in the global map of international airports on that very historic day, he asserted. In 2014, KB enterprises brought the second spell of the same international flight the Golden Myanmar Flight during the 7th edition of Manipur Sangai Festival, 2014, he said adding that till date the Golden Myanmar Airlines remains the only international flight that has ever landed at the Imphal international Airport. The proprietor of KB enterprises said that is working relentlessly to start other international flights operational from the Imphal Airport and also arranging to bring back the international Golden Myanmar Flight again to Imphal during the upcoming Manipur Sangai festival 2015 this November. Unfortunately, KB enterprises have faced obstacles, the most recent being a ban and warning to stop its business regarding the so awaited international flight, he rued.

According to him, the ban has invoke a second thought in the minds of the tourist both state and domestic tourist, who intended to travel to Myanmar with the help of the Golden Myanmar Flight giving an adverse effect in ticket sales. Explaining how elaborate the task to organised the flight, he revealed that the KB enterprises has put in a lot of effort and money in persuading the Government of India as well as the Myanmar’s authorities in bringing the Golden Myanmar flight to Imphal. He had to travel to New Delhi and Myanmar several times spending a lot of money to make the historic flight happen and yet he did all these only to make Imphal Airport as an international Airport and to sustain its international tag, continued Pangamba.

He further pointed out that as per the civil aviation rules of India, no Indian Citizen is allowed to board on a foreign chartered flight. However, in the case of the chartered Golden Myanmar Flight visiting Manipur, such rule was exempted giving the people of Manipur, the rare opportunity of travelling to Myanmar in a chartered flight, he added. Given the circumstances, losing such an opportunity not only is a lost for the KB enterprises but for the entire people. The proprietor said that his firm regards and respects the suggestion of the organisation as both are working for the progress and welfare of the people of Manipur. He further appealed the people and the State Government to support and co-operate in his endeavour in promoting Manipur as an international tourist destination.

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