24 Hrs BANDH on 10-10-2015 Against the Closure of BALCO




Press Release 03 October , 2015

We strongly oppose and condemn the closure of BALCO-Bharat Aluminium Company (presently Sterlite-Vedanta) by it’s management and appeal to workers and employees to wage a decisive struggle against the management’s illegitimate decision. Against closure of BALCO, our Party gives a day’s call for Chattisgarh Bandh on the forthcoming 10 October, 2015 and appeals people, democratic, patriotic and progressive forces, students and youth to come forward to make this statewide Bandh a success. Anil Agarwal, one of the Domestic Corporate Houses’, has sent BALCO’s closure report to Central government, which by hastily approving it has brought more than a thousand workers and employees on to the streets.

Naturally Raman Singh’s BJP government in the state has not opposed it. Approval to the closure of BALCO is the result of the ruling bhramhanical hindu fascist government’s at the Centre and State’s anti labour policy and pro domestic and foriegn Corporate Houses’s economic and industrial policies. It is appropriate to note that in 2001, the then ruling BJP government at the Centre itself has sold 5 thousand crore worth BALCO’s 51 percent share for a meger 550 crore i.e. at a throw away price to Anil Agarwal’s Sterlite-Vedanta company. Since then, hundred’s of workers and employees’ retrenchment continued unabated and now for fullfilling their selfish interests company has been closed down completely.

It is the same Vedanta Company, whose legal adviser was Chidambaram, who was the former Home Minister of the Congress. It is the same Vedanta, which is trying to snatch Niyamgiri’s bauxite hills from the Khondh tribals. Our Party calls upon countrywide progressive, patriotic and democratic forces and trade unions, intellectuals and general public to come forward to demand to restart closed down BALCO, to ensure livelihood of the workers, to see to it that they get their due wages unhindered, to declare null and void the anti workers’ agreement with Anil agarwal’s Vedanta, which permits to close down within 12 years of transfer and take back its complete shares unconditionally without further delay. We also appeal to build a broad and united struggle. In support of the above demands we appeal the people of the state to make it a success a day’s Bandh on 10 October, 2015.

(Gudsa Usendi) Spokesperson,

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee, CPI (Maoist).

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