Burning their identity cards, they make a call to join the front!


The young communists who were the target of the Suruç massacre made a call to join them to oppose the macabre plans of AKP-DAESH. “We refuse this system” say armed communist youth, calling on the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan to cross borders and fight together to strengthen the struggle for freedom.

Etkin Haber Ajansi – Saturday, October 24, 2015, 4:49 p.m.

Kandil – After declaring “We refuse this system and all its institutions,” the young communists burned their identity papers and entered the liberated areas, with a call to join the front. The declaration of the Communist Youth Organization (KGO) calls on the young men and women to strengthen the struggles against every persecution, oppression due to war, fascism, sexism and inequality.

We are the rebellious soul of youth killed in Suruç and Gezi

“We are the youth murdered in Pirsus (Suruç). We are the children of the mother Meryem whose white turban was mixed with the blood in Ankara, we are the comrades of twelve years old Veysel. We are the rebellious soul of Gezi. We are the bridge between the past and the future, the united voice of the Turkish and Kurdish youth, the consciousness of oppressed youth. ” This statement was made by activists of the Communist Youth Organisation (KGO) Roza Peyman in Turkish and Erdal Cebo in Kurdish.

Peyman and Cebo remembered that the youth who were murdered in Suruç (Pirsus) wanted to support the Rojava revolution by participating in the reconstruction of Kobane, and continued by saying “The workers and laborers gathered in Ankara were there for asking peace and brotherhood against those who committed the massacres, from Kizildere to Madimak, and of Roboski. We know the identity of those who murdered children on the streets of Cizre, Silopi or Gever. We will not forget any of them, we will not forgive and we will hold them to account. ”

For a new life, let’s go beyond the limits of the system

Peyman and Cebo said the system was forcing young people to surrender, to accept a life without honor or future, and that young people who do not accept it are murdered … It’s because they do not accept this system that young communists joined the liberated areas. In the statement read by Peyman and Cebo, they made a call to the youth to “go beyond their limits”:

“We go outside those limits to build a new life of struggle and reject the State, which is responsible for the massacres from Suruç to Ankara, from Gever to Cizre. We want to strengthen the flame of the revolution and the red flag that we received from Mahir, Deniz, Ibrahim and Mazlum. Neighborhoods with university campuses, cafes, workplaces, it’s time to go beyond our limits. We have many options to become like Ali, like Suphi, like Ivana and to crush the rulers in their own system. To build a world where the oppressed will hold power, let us turn to the land of the revolution, the streets, the barricades, the mountains, let’s turn to the liberated areas. ”

Calling all young people: “Join our ranks”

Peyman and Cebo reminded the youth that they have a choice, and particularly to young Muslims “Muslim brothers and sisters, the AKP and DAESH play with your deepest feelings, despise you and dishonor you. You should not join them. Join our ranks to fight a honorable and fair struggle”. They recalled the importance of the fight for the unity of the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan “Poor people from Anatolia, rebels from the Black Sea, rebel Kurdish children, young Alevis walking on the path of Pir Sultan Abdal, come all to hoist the flag of our struggle, to strengthen our struggle for freedom. ”

We have the strength to change this social order which destroys the woman

Roza Peyman appealed to women: “We have the strength to change this social order which destroys woman, which demeans the spirit of woman which rejects the will of the woman. Come to demolish this life and be reborn from the ashes. Come to take back our stolen freedom. With our strength, let’s walk to victory through the path of the war. Let us become Yasemin, or Arin, or Sarya. Come strengthen women’s revolution. And for that’s, let’s put us more forward, let’s us become leaders and commanders. ”

Strengthen our fight, join the KGO

In the declaration, a call was made by the Communist Youth, to the youth of all sections of society “to accomplish the songs and dreams of the peace ambassadors in Anakara, of the 33 in Suruç, of Berkin and Ali Ismail in Gezi “.

The declaration is directed to students, workers, unemployed, Turkish, Kurdish, Laz, Arabic, Circassian, Armenian, young women and men, LGBT, young peasants and says “Come support the rage and rebellion of the oppressed; give strength to our struggle, join the Organization of the Communist Youth. Fight in the ranks of MLKP for equality, freedom and justice. Come lets unite for the victory of the revolution and socialism. Let’s crush them under their dirty order, blood and crimes. Let’s make their fortresses of state prosecution into their graveyards ” Peyman and Cebo finally declared : “Revolt! Revolt! Revolt! Till Victory!” Young Communists ended their statement by gunfire.

Via New Turkey

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