Democratic self-government declarations and resistances have existed since 24 July 2015 in North Kurdistan (Turkish Kurdistan). After Cizre, Silopi, Nusaybin, Yüksekova, Hakkari, Van, Diyarbakır, Silvan, Varto and other smaller and larger towns, villages and neighbourhoods, the declaration of self-government and its development have continued resolvedly or bravely despite the heavy attacks by the fascist regime, despite bans, siege, threat, massacres and arrestment. Every day there are dozens of victims, hundreds of wounded or arrested.

The Kurdish people that politically became an army and conscious of being a nation fights until the end. It takes its fate in its own hands. It founds self-governments locally and continues to defend this idea. The self-government in Kobane as well as the soul felt in the resistance spreads around in villages, smaller and larger towns, it spreads towards the Middle East and influences the labourer people in the region. The Kurds lead a revolutionary resistance for a life in honour and peace. The Kurdish people in Cizre faced completely isolation and siege for 9 days. 21 civilians, among them young people, women and older people died due to the attacks by tanks, special forces and ISIS sharpshooters but their will wasn’t broken and they resisted until the end. The Kurds in Cizre couldn’t go on the streets, couldn’t bury the dead, couldn’t buy bread and go to hospital, but they resisted and continue to resist.

Today Kurds endeavour freedom and now they collect experiences for that. As the first steps of realising that, they found democratic self-governments and try to develop them. The self-governments are realised through peoples’ parliaments, elected local administration and people communes are being practiced. These self-government resistances appeared at the same time on the agenda as Kurdish people’s historical tradition, the uprisings called “ serhildan s”, as the traditions of fight, as the self-experiences and as a necessity of its existence since the colonial fascist regime didn’t want to continue with the “solution period” and couldn’t even answer the main demands.

The colonial fascist regime didn’t accept the success of the HDP in the 7th June elections which was the result of the revolutionary movement working together with the Kurdish freedom movement. Therefore, it started again a dirty war with the fear it had by the Kurdish resistance in Rojava. The whole world can see its policies against the Kurdish people and its regional and local achievements. The self-government resistance is the Kurdistan people’s own honoured and free stance against the colonial Turkish fascist regime’s and the AKP government’s lonely, selfish and dominating leadership and politics. So they founded their own leaderships, peoples’ parliaments and communes regionally and locally by saying “All state institutions in the cities have lost their legitimisation for us.

As the people we will develop our lives on a democratic basis using self-government. They planned steps that would place back the colonial system. They announced that local leaderships such as the state’s governor and district governor are elected by the people, education will be possible in the mother tongue and free, water, public transport and the payment of rents, legal and other social work will be guided by them. The aim was to have a leadership with different cultures, ethnities and religious groups that form a leadership aiming at peace, freedom and brotherhood against the central and sole fascist regime. The self-government announcements are the pre-steps to the settling of cantons or a democratic authority system. The Kurdish people and the national movement in the Middle East think that under the enemy siege freedom could only be achieved through self-resistance and fight.

With the self-government announcement the Kurdish people were forced to found and organise legitimated self-government to defend itself against the counter-revolutionary’s violence and colonial annexation as well as to safe its founded system. In the Kurdish people’s living areas there have been confinements of barracks, attacks with tanks, the army and police tanks as well as other heavy weapons remembering Palestinian cities, destructions, massacres. The Kurdish youth and people were forced to self-resist against this fascist terror with barricades, trenches and military precautions The …. believes in that freedom, peace, equality and brotherhood for the people in Turkey and the region, the nations and different religious groups will only be achieved with the revolution and the will of the people mirroring in the government.

Democratic authority and self-governments can only be experienced when there are democratic or socialist power conditions. The formulation for the people’s democratic or socialist Middle Eastern federation is the acceptance of this demand. In today’s political economy the Kurdish nation has decided on its own will to be the democratic self-government and democratic authority. It is a progressive and reform-based demand when the people take its fate in its own hands and declare self-government against the colonial annexation. We support the Kurdish people’s foundation work on democratic authority and self-defence. In this struggle we have fought together with the Kurdish people and the Kurdish freedom movement and we will continue to do so.

The CC of the … decalred in its statement dated 19th August 2015: “We greet the Kurdish people’s brave step to self-government and its determined will to defend that. With its forces in Bakure (North Kurdistan) our party takes place in this vanguard step and whilst working on it to spread it, our party will fulfil all responsibilities that are required for freedom, for the development of a just, honoured and democratic peace struggle and to strengthen the united democratic front.”

It is our call to the revolutionary and communist parties, groups, circles and individuals all over the world: We expect you, such as in Kobane, to be in solidarity with the self-government struggle of the Kurdish people in North Kurdistan, and to organise actions in your countries that support the resistance and makes the colonial regime step backwards. Let us support the self-government and self-defence resistances of the Kurds for the revolutionary uprising and the will of the people in the Middle East and for the regional and world revolutions, such as in the Rojava revolution and the resistance in Kobane!

Long live the resistances in Cizre, Silvan and Nusaybin!

Long live international solidarity and struggle!

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