Istanbul: ‘Anti-terrorism’ operation, 1 revolutionary slaughtered!


dilek dogan

The AKP-led police operations have not ceased since August. Already more than 2000 activists have been arrested and, among them, many have been murdered. Yesterday morning, a revolutionary militant of Halk Cephesi was slaughtered by the police. Having sustained heavy injuries, she is currently between life and death.

Newsroom : In Istanbul, the TMS division of the police organised a number of raids in the neighbourhoods of Ataşehir and Sarıyer. During the operations, a female revolutionary was slaughtered, accused of planning to blow herself up. In the early hours of the morning, in the 1 Mayıs neighbourhood located within Ataşehir and in Küçük Armutlu within Sarıyer simultaneous police raids were executed. The special police units made many arrests.

Another assassination attempt!

During the operation in Küçük Armutlu, Dilek Doğan, a revolutionary, was slaughtered by the police, accused of being a potential suicide bombing threat. Dilek Doğan was stripped naked by the police. Having sustained life-threatening injuries, Dilek Doğan was transported to the Okmeydanı Study and Research Hospital. Having attempted to assassinate Dilek Doğan, are attempted to harass her relatives who have gathered in front of the hospital. It has been announced that Dilek Doğan is in urgent need of O-negative blood.

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Dilek Doğan, 25, was shot by a police officer for no apparent reason, according to Doğan’s family members. “Police officers entered our house with their shoes on. An argument started after my daughter asked them to put on plastic shoe covers. I heard a gunshot and my daughter fell to the floor,” Doğan’s mother, Aysel Doğan, said. “Four officers entered our house with their shoes on. They told us they would not wear [shoe covers]. Then [an officer] pointed a gun at us and suddenly shot my daughter,” said Metin Doğan, Doğan’s father. Doğan, who was brought to the Okmeydanı Teaching and Research Hospital on Sunday night, had to have an emergency cardiac massage after her heart stopped during treatment.

She remains in critical condition and is in intensive care. The People’s Law Bureau (HHB) told the Doğan news agency on Sunday the police officers were seeking a suicide bomber during the raids, although Doğan was not a suspect. Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputies Aykut Erdoğdu and Ali Şeker went to the hospital on Monday to enquire about Doğan’s condition. Speaking to reporters on Monday morning, Erdoğdu said Doğan was seriously injured by a police officer only for asking the officers to take off their shoes. “She is now in critical condition. … According to what we have been told, the police entered the house for a search. No one was stopping them. There was only an argument on wearing plastic shoe covers. And thus an employee working in a store in Şişli who does not have any criminal record [was shot] by an officer,” said Erdoğdu.

The İstanbul Police Department has issued a statement on the incident, saying Doğan was killed during a scuffle between her family and police officers that broke out after one of her family members tried to grab an officer’s gun. Doğan’s father, however, maintained none of the family members had assaulted the police officers and that the officers left the house in a panic when Doğan was shot. Police officers from the İstanbul Police Department’s counterterrorism unit conducted an operation at 16 locations in İstanbul’s Sarıyer, Gaziosmanpaşa, Ataşehir and Sultangazi districts. The raids were backed by special operations officers, a riot squad, helicopters and armored vehicles. Following Doğan’s shooting, locals enraged by the news got into an argument with the police officers.



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